Friday, November 5, 2010

Productive Week

What a week! It has been extremely productive and positive. I have been working extra hours at the gym, working out again, working at Sally's house to earn extra money, helping out at The Center, re-connecting with people and getting prepared for the Vendor Fair tomorrow in Quakertown. I realized that I enjoy cleaning and gardening when I am helping someone out and they are paying me...LOL! Bills are crazy right now with the store so all the extra income I can get is worth it. Besides it is Shawn's birthday coming up soon.

It feels good to work out. Thank you Jennifer for being my motivation (chocolate helps...LOL!). I have been told in the last couple of weeks by a few people that it looks like I have lost weight. YAY!! That gives me even more motivation to keep going!!

Shelley and I are working hand in hand to come up with a plan for a non-profit organization. We did find out that we can run it through my business. Erika and I are looking forward to this new venture with Shelley. Shelley is an amazing person. I am very blessed to know her.

It has been a great week. Good conversations with old friends really make a person realize where they need to be in life as well as where they came from. Rachel always reminds me of silly things we encountered years ago. She cracks me up. And Jamie is my soulmate so I really do not need to say anything more about that.

Although I am extremely on the Shelter Cat and Pocket Pet committee at the shelter AND on the fundraising committe at church, I am starting to find a good balance. My kids and I are enjoying time at the shelter at night now which is good for Gavin since before he was unable to go. Things do have a way of working out. Patience is all we need. I know, easier said than done.

What I am thankful for today:
my life
my kids
the shelter
blending the things I love
girls night
my friends
my pets
Bliss chocolate
Logan (at the gym)
working out with Jennifer
my store
the vendor fair tomorrow
my health
the health of my loved ones
my future
finding Tetris on my phone (this could be bad)
french vanilla iced coffee
pizza (thank you Erika for dinner last night!)
a warm bed
The Power