Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Week

Instead of writing about my daily teachings I have decided to just write....LOL! My week has been a good week so far. I went to dinner with Heather on Monday night. It is not often we get a chance to see each other. We went to Panini's which was very good! Sitting with Heather, we engaged in conversation about life. She has not read The Secret however she pretty much lives her life that way anyway. Heather is not one to complain and keeps a positive outlook on just about everything life brings her way. Just like me, she tries to find the good in every situation.

After dinner we went to Border's. Honestly I never go in that store. I was looking for The Secret and the other things that go along with it. I have been writing in my Grateful journal every single night. On one page is the things I am grateful for today. On the opposite page are my grateful intentions. Ever since I have been making this my night time routine, I have been feeling very happy and fullfilled. It amazes me that doing such a simple task can have such wonderful effects. You do not need a journal to do this...just use a piece of paper or a notebook. In Border's I had to ask the clerk where I would find this book. The clerk laughed and said, "For over a year now this book has been on the Best Sellers list, so you want to look in that section." I looked at her and said, "Well, I have been referring this book to everyone I, it will probably stay there for a while...LOL!"

Do you know that my New Year's Resolution was to pass this book to 10 people. Well I have passed it on to way more than that! Here is my list of the people I passed the book on that I know have read it and are living their lives in a much more positive way.

1. Buffy
2. Jenny
3. Sherry
4. Terry
5. Jamie
6. Kathy Y.
7. Kathy
8. Kirstin
9. Donna
10. Amy W.
11. Melinda
12. Mark
13. Wendi
14. Diane (who is learning it through me)
15. Todd (who is also learning it through me)

And, most have passed it on as well. I have seen a GREAT change in every single person. If you apply it the way you should and BELIEVE, your life will change too. I am so proud of myself for taking what I learned and passing it on to so many wonderful people. I am even more proud of them for having an open mind and allowing The Secret to change their lives.

The rest of my week so far has been good as well as Monday. Yesterday I got a wonderful card from Jamie....knowing that I had sent her one as well. Well, she got home and there was her card! We ended up sending each other a card on the same day. We are so good like that! Last night my free stamping class had 6 of us there. It was a very fun class. I will not go into too much detail but there was a LOT of laughing. And the technique was awesome! Makenna and I were outside yesterday morning and this morning. She is doing awesome at her scooter riding and helping Mommy in the yard. I transplanted some of the plants from my house to the little flower bed at my store. Not sure that they will 'take' this year but they will next year for sure.

Jenny and I were able to get 3 walks in so far this week....thank you clear sky! Don't get me wrong, we have already walked in the rain. The rest of the week is going to be a great week! Why, because I am going to MAKE it one! Next week is going to be even better because I will be receiving over $450 worth of FREE PartyLite products! WHOO HOOO! And, each night we get a walk in, the skinnier I will be....LOL! Since March I have lost about 10 lbs. and am down one clothing size. I am excited! All you need to do is THINK POSITIVE! Wonderful things WILL happen!

I am thankful for:
my Iris's which are in FULL bloom!
being in a size 10 on the way to a 6!
Jenn, my sister-in-law for giving me The Secret
all the people above for having an open mind
everyone who inspires me
my stalking neighbor (and best friend) Diane....LOL!
the nice weather
the SUN!
Jamie for being the bestest friend ever! I am so blessed to have her.
Jenny for keeping me on track and making me laugh and becoming one of my best buds!
Selfless people
long walks