Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are You Tired Today?

I played The Secret memory game again this morning. This is the quote I got:

As you become more and more aware of how you are feeling, you will become more aware of your words and thoughts. It gets easier and easier. And so you when you hear yourself say something you don’t want, just restate what it is you do want. For example, a common thing that people say is, “I am tired”. If you say that with the whole day ahead of you, you are ordering up from the universe a tough day full of fatigue. So I would change those words to something like, “I am now drawing in unlimited energy. I am feeling more energized with every second. I feel amazing.” All of your power with the law of attraction is now, and by intensely feeling what you want, you can change anything.

I needed this today. I have been more sleepy than usual. Mostly due to my cat Chloe meowing in my face every morning between the hours of 4am and 5am. And, Makenna keeps getting up at 7:20-7:30 no matter what time she goes to bed. This teething thing can end any time now. LOL! Normally she sleeps until 8:30am or later. Don't get me wrong, normally I can get up at 7:30am with minimal issues. Chloe making me get out of bed is what is making it hard. If I close my door she meows outside of it. Chloe loves to be outside when it is nice out. Unfortunately she comes in at night to sleep then wants to go out very early in the morning. I guess because I am her mommy, it is me that she feels compelled to wake up. This is not a quick thing either. Because I am letting her out the dog needs to go out for his morning pee and poop which takes 5-10 minutes. Of course by the time this saga is over I am wide awake. I think I am going to try keeping Chloe outside tonight to see if this fixes the issue. I need to use this quote today to help me feel energized. I hope it helps you throughout your day as well.

What I am thankful for today:
Being an inspiration
Rita for bringing Makenna ice cream yesterday
my cats, even when they drive me crazy!
going green
the nice weather
Scrapping The Music Challenge
bare feet
painted toes
my health
The Secret
the quote I got today