Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lots of Chocolate and an Orientation

Business at the store is growing rapidly. And we are hearing so much great feedback. Friday night was our Chocoholics Crop from 5-midnight. We had 12 lovely ladies who all brought goodies to share. We dipped everything in chocolate; cheese puffs, rice krispy treats, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, fruit, pretzels, even bacon! It was AWESOME! Yes, even the bacon. It sounds really weird but I tried it and it was good!! We had fun playing pass the basket which I think Wendi won the most prizes. Erika and I stayed until about 1am. Allison was sleeping over at my house so we were able to hang out longer. I created two one page layouts and two cards. We are definitely hosting another one of those crops. Next month is our Memorial Day Picnic Crop from 5-midnight. We will have barbecue, and picnic foods on the 27th.

Today was great! I hosted my first orientation at the shelter with a girl scout troop. The girls were so happy to learn about the shelter and the animals. They also all filled out paper work to become volunteers. I am so excited that they all want to help. The other good news is that my man Travolta was adopted today to a very nice couple who recently lost their 7 year old cat. When they could not find one they were looking for I suggested they check out Travolta. The best thing is that Travolta picked them! He instantly climbed up on the man's shoulders and laid down. The woman was so happy that she hugged me and thanked me for showing Travolta. She even cried when she was holding him. I am so happy that I could help. I am hoping Travolta brings them many years of happiness.
What I am thankful for today:
animals finding forever homes
The Center
the start of HIS Challenge today
my children
ice cream
my sister-in-law for keeping my store open today
all my customers
my store
happy tears
my friends
my pets
unconditional love
blooming flowers
great news
my long walk with Diego this morning
upcoming classes and events
the gym
my life