Monday, April 18, 2011

Friendships are a Blessing

I could sit here and type all of my frustrations to get it out of my system. OR I could lie and act like my life is perfect and nothing bothers me. I am choosing to do neither. Instead, I am going to blog about how amazing my friends are. This will get my mind off the 'crap' that I am dealing with on a day to day basis with my son, even if it is only for a short time.

I look at the lives of others and see how lonely they are. Even if they have one good friend, it isn't enough. Not many people are as blessed as I am to have the friendships I have. Everyone should be so lucky.

Jamie, my soul sister, calls me every once in a while to touch base with me. She out of all of my friends knows what makes my heart soar and break. We are so in-tune with each other that it is hard for others to understand. We may hardly ever see each other or spend much time on the phone but I do know that she is always and forever there, hoping the best for me, praying for me.....just as I do for her.

Rachel is my butch....just kidding. Actually Rachel is my 'tell it like it is' friend. She has always been that way. Never does she tip toe around anything nor does she put up with much drama. I love her ability to stand her ground and hold fast to what she believes in. Her humor is hysterical.

Melinda and I hardly ever see each other or get to talk anymore. But she is there if I need to call her just as I am for her. She helped me have a voice and stand up for myself. She helped me with my self confidence and with the knowledge that I do not have to put up with things if I do not want too.

Diane is my peeping Tom neighbor....and I wouldn't want it any other way. I adore her. We have so much in common that it freaks me out sometimes! LOL! I have learned a lot from her these past few years and I appreciate all she does and all she is.

Heather makes a great boss as well as friend. And it isn't often that work/friend relationships work out for very long. But I know that with Heather and I being friends now for over 22 years that we can get along through every situation and our friendship is worth too much to let anything get in our way. We have over come many obstacles and always come out on top.

Erika has become my right hand girl. We are pretty good at keeping each other from falling too far. And, we also have a lot in common. We make great friends/business partners and I know we have a great future in store for us. She is an inspiration to me and I love that she is so positive and understanding.

Jennifer G. is just the best. Her humor....her understanding....she always brings me back to the positive when I am feeling the outweighing negativity. I love Zumba with her and spending time with Jessi. Although our Wednesday therapy days do not happen every week, that is ok. When they do happen we have a great time.

I have such a good time when I get to hang with Sally. It isn't often that we get to spend time together but when we do, we laugh hard and LOUD. I love her creativity and her silliness. She is very loyal and understanding.

I have other friends that I love to death like; Kathy F, Yvonne, Linda, Wendi, Heather (Shawn's sister), Shani, Angel, Christine, Missy, Nicole and many more. Friends that live far away, friends that are just so busy. Don't get me wrong, I do not consider all those facebook people my friends. If anything the ones I do not see or really know on a personal level are just there for business related reasons, otherwise I would delete them.

I know after all these years that you do not need to talk to or see your friends every day, once a week, or once a month for that matter. As long as you have both have trust, honesty, and love there is no selfishness, no envy, no worries, no insecurities and no possessiveness at all. I love my friends, I love that they have friendships outside of me. But most of all, I love when they succeed, when they are happy and full of joy and when they decide to share it with me. My friends and I are solid. And I am so blessed to know each and every one of them and to be a part of their lives as they are a part of mine.

What I am thankful for today:
my friends
girls night to The Melting Pot (which is coming soon)
my store
my family
my kids
my pets
the gym
my blogs
my health
the health of my loved ones
signs from above
Linda and The Healing Place
my brother allowing me to use his SUV
my dad fixing my Jeep
Jim Carrey
a free spirit
the power to choose your mood
positive thinking
my parents
my bed
hot showers
a walk/talk with Heather today
every lasting friendships