Thursday, March 5, 2009


So Jenny is totally going to kill me for writing about her, but she will get over it...LOL! She will love the picture though.....(so will my sister-in-law)!

Back a few blogs ago, I had mentioned that Jenny was one of the most positive people I knew, right? Well, she has proven to me yet again this fact. Yesterday she called me a lot earlier than usual. Every day during the week I can count on a phone call from her anywhere from 4:40-5pm. As soon as that phone rings, all I have to do is look at the time and I know it is her. Jenny has about an hour or more drive to and from work every day. And, her fiance is in Iraq. Her and I being on the phone helps her drive go much faster. And, as long as I am not busy I do not mind at all.

So yesterday her early phone call had me a little confused. Here she was off for the day, a little unexpected. Still in good spirits, she proceeds to tell me that she was rear ended on her way to work. Jenny owns her very first brand new car, ever. My first thought was, "wow, she must be ok since she really doesn't sound upset!" I told her that she needed to come into the store and scrapbook to get her mind off her car. Laughing she said, "Ok, I need to duct tape my bumper first then I will be in." HA HA HA! Of course she was a little worried that because of the accident coffee spilled all over her car, her cell phone stopped working, and she was getting more sore as the day went on. However.....she put The Secret into affect by doing everything she needed to as far as insurance claims and all right after the accident. Because she was not angry or upset The Secret totally worked for her. We talked about who she could call to have all these things taken care of and paid for without her doing the labor or paying out of her pocket. Great news is.....her car is totally covered by her insurance, they will detail her car for her because of the coffee, her health insurance will cover any chiropractor and massage therapy sessions, and there is a very high chance that she will be able to get a brand new cell phone!

Jenny could have dealt with this situation much worse. She could have placed blame, been mad about her new car, complained about how sore she was, and yet she didn't. I believe that The Secret only works if you are totally POSITIVE. To me, this was a test to see if Jenny would stay her positive self....and she did. Jenny also was not able to get a hold of her fiance to let him know all that had happened. I am so glad that I can be here for her. And, I am so inspired by her positive attitude. I look at all that she is faced with at times and see how she still comes out on top, smiling, laughing, and making every situation into a positive one. YOU GO GIRL!

What I am thankful for tonight:

  • Jenny, her friendship, her positive attitude and her endless laughter.

  • Mathew Mcconaughey and his yummy biceps.....had to be at the store tonight.

  • The girls at the store tonight who mentioned they were going to have a direct deposit into my store's bank account...LOL!

  • My cats

  • My kids

  • April I will officially be a TEAM LEADER!

  • My health