Saturday, May 7, 2011

Creativity and a Great Few Days

Today was a little unexpected. Makenna and Gavin had to come to work with me which can put a little tension in my happy place. However, both of them were very well behaved and actually quite the crafters. After getting my newsletter out, I spent some time finishing my Mother's Day gifts with matching cards. I was also able to create a layout for my sister-in-laws Scrap That Poetry challenge blog. I love it!

Shawn surprised me at work today with a large coffee and big hug. I really miss spending time with him. Because we never see each other during the day he was so expressive with compliments. Of course when he does see me it is without makeup, in baggy clothes, late at night I look ready for bed. He loves me that way but he also like to express how nice it is to see me in the sunlight.

Last night was Zumba Happy Hour. It was one of the most exciting times I have had exercising.....EVER! Jennifer G and I drank some Mike's hard lemonade and some Sangria made by the instructor Ginny. It was YUMMY! After a good buzz Zumba started. There was about 15-20 of us. Jennifer broke out in the Running Man and I almost peed. It was so fun. I definitely want to do that again. I ended the evening with a glass of wine since Jennifer was the driver. So yummy.

To sum it up, life has been really good lately. Gavin has even stopped throwing a fit before school. I have learned that as long as I support him and try my hardest to stay positive when he is not, things do get better sooner. We had 2 new customers in the store last week and 3 today. I feel physically better and seem to be eating better too. Stress really does take a toll on you. However, we are the ones who choose to walk around with a grumpy face or smile through it. My smile may not have been as bright the past month and people have noticed. There are a lot gym members who have asked me if I am ok out of concern. I love that so many people are there for me if I choose to 'need' them. They all said that they miss the sunshine...but little by little I am coming back. They said they can see my pain in my eyes....although I keep smiling.

Makenna, my little sunshine has helped me so much. In the car after a sad morning with her brother, she says, "Mommy, can we listen to our happy know, the one that makes us feel better?" When I would be having a bad morning, I would put on a happy upbeat song to change our moods. Right now it is Love Song by Sarah Bareillis. But, she calls it "Head under water." LOL! You really can change your mood and sometimes all it takes is a little music.

What I am happy for today:
my sunshine Makenna
new customers
Butter Almond ice cream
Chinese food tonight!!
breakfast out tomorrow
Mother's Day
having our moms over for dinner tomorrow
my friends much fun!
my store
positive people
full crops
blue skies and sunshine
time with Erika
time with Jennifer G
my life