Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tears, Jammies and Gratefulness

So, I am finally in bed. My day was absolutely wonderful.....the last few minutes however have me feeling very sad. I got an email from Sally. Sally missed the layout team meeting tonight. It has not been a good week for her. One of her and my customers delivered her baby boy 3 months early. Unfortunately it doesn't look good for the baby. I have no details other than that. My heart sank as I read the email. I need to get past this because I want to be positive for the mother and the baby and I want to pray. Right now I have to get past my own personal feelings. Knowing what it is like to lose a baby, this situation is very close to home. Never, ever do I want anyone to feel that pain. Once I can get past this sadness that I feel, I can move onto positive thoughts. First I have got to get the tears out......

Ya know, you think you are through situations until something like this happens. It is like re-opening a wound. So here is my prayer..

Lord, please hear my prayer. Please be with this family, keep them strong. Hold the baby's heart in your hand. Comfort this family, wipe their tears, and help them pull through this difficult time. May the baby feel the comfort of your presence. May the family lean on you to guide them. God, bless this family.

Ok, after that....and a bunch of tissues.....I need to focus. My heart just feels very heavy.

Today, I had a wonderful day at our Pajama Crop. I absolutely love Pajama Crops. We have so much fun in our jammies, eating pop-corn and brownies.....other goodies too. The massages ROCK....need I say more? I actually scrapbooked one layout to add to my Disney scrapbook. I used our new Love Shack paper....LOVE IT! I think my problem with scrapbooking at my store is that I feel like I should be working. Scrapbooking is my leisure activity so I have this thing about doing it at work. However, I am the boss....and I am going to get over it. Now, I just need some pictures to scrapbook... {This was all written on Sunday night}

Today, Monday is my day off. Makenna and I are going to spend the day together. I am also going to get some laundry done and cleaning. Gavin cleaned his room all weekend and it looks amazing! I was so proud of him for doing an awesome job. He was so thrilled with himself! In fact, he had trouble sleeping last night since he was so excited. We put a TV stand in his room and bought him a dresser. His closet was getting too small for his stuff and there were toys in his room that he has outgrown. I know that Gavin feels a great sense of accomplishment getting rid of things, making room and now having a big boy room with a TV and his game systems. Once a kid that hated to get rid of things, he really got over that. Thankfully! Makenna 'helped' the entire time. She was just as excited as Gavin when the room was finished. My kids are the best. I missed them a lot this weekend.

Today I am thankful for:
My children
massages....and massage therapists
time with my children
bonds between family and between friends
PJ Crops!!
The gift of gab
my day off
my life