Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today I am feeling very blessed. Tuesday night we had our first class taught by Beth. She taught how to make 3 different Valentine's Day cards, and stamping and embossing techniques. The cards were beautiful. When I check out her blog I can see all of the cards and projects she does and all of them impress me. Beth is very creative.

Then there is Sally. Sally will be teaching a card club at my store. Last night Sally emailed me the pictures of the cards that she will be teaching in her first class. My breath was taken away! I cannot get over how creative these ladies are!

And Rudy....well anyone who has tried any of his cakes will know that they are delicious as well as decorated beautifully. He will be catering my Pajama Crop this Sunday.

Kathy our knitting teacher has made some absolutely amazing things. Her scarves are gorgeous and her jewelry is so cool! I cannot wait to see the other things she creates.

Jayne and Mary Ann are so wonderful. These ladies are so fun and so creative. They will be teaching us how to make paper with shaving cream and ink. Their cards are so beautiful. I have not seen Jayne's paint cans yet, but I can only imagine how awesome they are.

Then there is my sister-in-law who always amazes me at how quickly she can create anything. Her classes are so fun, her projects are amazing and she is always coming up with new ideas.

So, I am very blessed to have this many creative people working in my store and sharing their creativity with others. I am so blessed that they are good hearted people who take pride in everything they do and everyone they teach.

When I first started my business, I asked to be surrounded by good people who had wonderful ideas and who were creative. I have definitely been blessed with these wonderful people who surround me. Not only do they make my already awesome job more amazing, but they keep me motivated, positive and very thankful.