Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wow, it's been awhile!

So many times in the past few weeks I have wanted to get on here and blog. However, busy schedules and lack of free time have kept me from doing it. I figure, I have been on the computer all day working on stuff for the store, I may as well stay planted and write on my blog. Here I am!!

My life has been incredible in the past month pretty much in every aspect it. How lucky am I? Walking through Dollar General I was looking for markers for my store and happen to stumble across this book titled "Unlocking the Secrets to Living Your Dreams." I noticed that the two Authors were Authors in which were featured in The Secret, and decided to purchase it. There was only one there. Yep, it was obvious that I was in the right place and that book had my name ALL over it. I love that it breaks down The Secret and actually gives you questions to answer broken down in every aspect of ones life. Already I see a great improvement in most areas of my own life.

One of the ways you can achieve your dreams (without it feeling like work) is creating a team of people who want the same things as you do. Thankfully that was one thing I already had, without realizing it. All I had to do was spread the word. Erika and I have the same dream as far as our businesses go. The best thing is that we are totally on the same page, helping each other out in the areas that we are not willing or able to do well. She is now my retail buyer for the store and has taken that entire responsibility off of me. Jennifer G and I are on the same page as far as creating fundraisers to help out those in need. She also helps me come up with crop ideas and stepping up to the plate at the store when I cannot be there. Now there are lots more sharing my dream and the responsibilities of it which will be mentioned in other blogs. My 'dream team' came together before I even read this new book which stated it is the first step to being successful. How cool is that?

As well as business boosting, my personal life has improved greatly. My respect for Jeremy has totally increased. We really do get along well and thankfully parent the same way. It makes life easier since we have to live together for the time being.

Shawn and I have actually been able to spend quality time together for the first time. We went hiking at Glen Onoko Falls about an hour from Hellertown. I never realized how much I love hiking. I went once before (a long time ago) during fall, which was amazing, but this experience was different. It was nice to have someone who shares the same passions as I for nature, being outside, and taking in God's wonderful world. We could have sat there all day and just enjoyed the waterfalls. Being with Shawn is peaceful and that is the only way I can describe it in one word. He is the most humble person I have ever met.

In the spiritual aspect of my life I am totally complete. It is as if God took me by the hand and just ran with me. He has shown me a life of simplicity, peace, happiness and everlasting love. At this point in my life I could not ask for anything more. The best things in life are free.

What I am thankful for today:
every moment of my life
my children
my pets
The Center for Animal Health and Welfare
my store
my 'dream team'
my church
my neighbors
my friends
my health and the health of my loved ones