Saturday, February 21, 2009


During my card making class last night, which by the way was a total HIT....I got a very exciting phone call! My best friend Jamie who has been living in King of Prussia is moving back to Coopersburg! Her and her husband put an offer on a house and it got accepted! Although I had a class full of people, I was so excited that I was jumping up and down and yelling, almost crying.....I said ALMOST!

I have been missing Jamie for a long time now. We try to get as much time in together as we can however, it will be so much better now that we are not far away from each other. Settlement on her house will be in April...YA!!

We have always said that we would be little old ladies together and still best friends. Hard to imagine we have already shared 15 years of friendship. I know we have lots more great years ahead of us.

Here is a poem I wrote for Jamie a couple of years ago..

To the one who is willing to give her all to make someone happy.

The one whose smile brightens up my worst of days.

To the one whose knowledge I can depend on for advise on anything.

To the one whose ears willingly listen to all of my troubles and worries.

To the one who is silly but can be serious in the time of need.

To the one who is my biggest supporter when I need a cheerleader.

To the one who I can sit and laugh with about nothing,

I can sit in silence with and still feel comfortable.

To the one voice I hear in my head giving me the confidence I need to achieve all my goals.

To my best friend, I can only pray that I can be all you have been to me.

I LOVE YOU JAMIE!! You will always be my crab! LOL!