Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Bit of Poetry

I have decided to share one of my favorite poems by my grandfather. I have been wanting to write a poem myself but I seriously have been suffering from writers block and lack of time. It takes me a while to write one and I do not like to leave it unfinished. I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I do.

I Send You Love

I send you love. What else have I to send?
Ah! Vanity of dreams! Should I pretend
To offer one, as bright as it might be,
Across the counters of reality,
Who would accept it as a payment for
The smallest gift? Where would I find a store,
Had I sufficient wealth to buy, that sells
Such things as gossamer's and silver bells,
The merchandise that poets can afford?
I, of all men, am poor, for I have poured
The sum of me, both what I am and own,
Into one throw of dice, and stand alone
In fate’s dim light with nothing left to spend.
I send you love. What else have I to send?

Written by:
Clarence Campbell

My grandfather wrote this for the love of his life. He was away from her for many years before he was able to be with her. I have many poems written by him that I will share periodically. Most are written for or about Edna.

One thing I have learned throughout my life is that when true love is present one is in love with another's spirit and soul. To me, being in love with someone's outter shell is simply infatuation. Our bodies change and we show our age. However, our spirit and our soul stay young if we allow them too. My grandfather and Enda were definitely in love with each other's spirit and soul. The rest was just a bonus.

Today I am thankful for:
inheriting my grandfathers poetry
the gift of writing
true friends
people who crack me know who you are!
Denise who visited my store yesterday for the first time
my flowers in my garden getting greener every day
my brother and sister-in-law getting their house built this weekend
Pepcid (Lord knows I needed it!)
signs from our angels
tears of joy
my mom for picking Gavin up from school tomorrow
Diane for watching my store on Saturday (and always being there for me)
my new PartyLite sponsor which will be qualified on Saturday!!!! WHOO HOO!
my new Nickleback and Daughtry CD's
Buffy for being concerned about me
the nice weather this weekend
my niece and nephew who I love to death and will have Saturday night
my kids
my dreams
my goals
my positive attitude
the ability to change any situation

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  1. Have fun on Saturday, day and night.
    I love all your Grandfathers poems,(even if I have to figure them out :D )

    I will always be here for you..