Monday, June 22, 2009

The Weekend and My Happy Place

This past weekend was a very fun weekend. I closed the store early on Saturday and went to the races to see my dad. It rained off and on and was very muddy! It was a great day despite the weather. I love watching the kids play together and cheer on their Pop-Pop. As a child I would love to go to the races to watch my dad. Usually it was just me and my dad. I would sit with his best friend's family when he was racing. I miss those days. I remember my toy jeep, which by the way was yellow. I used to race it around in the mud, up and down the hills. Ya, I was a tom boy. Maybe this was because my dad insisted that I was a boy during my mothers entire pregnancy. All I know is that I wouldn't change it for the world. I had an awesome childhood racing around in my go-cart and on my motorcycle. It was my 'happy place' as a child. I didn't have a care in the world when I was racing. Now I understand why my dad enjoys it so much.

On Sunday we spent the morning at home. Jer made breakfast for all of us because I was feeling crappy. The kids gave him a handmade card and a gift from Starbucks. We were going to go kayaking and take my dad wanted to do something that does not require anything physical. I guess he was tired from the races. So, we decided to take the kids and my parents to see the movie UP. It was very good. Last night, Gavin was with his daddy, I pulled weeds and Jeremy spent some time with Makenna. It was a great weekend once again.

Last night my friend Shawn called me. We talked for a bit and I discovered that he was almost killed in an accident in 1993. As my heart sank, probably since I never knew that, I felt bad that I was not there for him during that time. He suffers now from pain in his back but other than that, he is doing great. I am so thankful that God has brought him back in my life. We laughed on the phone and have started to make arrangements to get together soon. Tonight I am heading to the Healing Place. I need to find my happy place again. Apparently this is what they do there. I am excited for them to try to balance out my energy. I wonder where my happy place is. Is it on the go-cart as a child? Is it on top of a horse as I am riding though the fields? Or is it feeling the pink sand between my toes as I walk the beaches of Bermuda? I guess I will find out tonight. I am hoping that I will have the time to blog tomorrow about the experience I have there.

What I am thankful for today:
my kids
the SUN!!
my friends
a great weekend
the awesome sunset at the races
muddy feet
my dad winning the one lap he was able to do
rides with the kids
the cows at the fair
horseback riding
time with my family
my appointment tonight
time to blog
my happy place (wherever that is)
my health
the health of my family and friends