Monday, January 4, 2010

The Joy of Celebrating Someone's Life

At Melinda's Nan's funeral yesterday I realized how important and how awesome it is to celebrate someone's life. Yes, funerals and cemetaries are places where one can go and grieve. And it does make us heal when we take the time to grieve the loss of a loved one. During the service 3 speakers mentioned the importance of knowing that our loved one who had passed is in a better place. We need to put aside our loss for a moment and know that they are in Paradise. In order to help us deal with grief it is important to celebrate the person's life.

Melinda spoke of funny memories of her Nan....lots I didn't know. She spoke awesome qualities that Nan had. Nan was helpful and always taking care of everyone...even on her death bed. Now that is a selfless person. Nan had a strong belief in God. And, she knew she was ready to go home. Although it leaves us sad because we can no longer see her, touch her, or hear her voice, we need to remember that she is always with us. And, we will meet up with her again. I laughed a lot yesterday. Probably the most I have ever laughed at a funeral. But as I am older, I can put into perspective of what is more important. It is more important that we celebrate Nan's life and not focus on our loss because of her death. Nan wants us to laugh and be happy. She wants us to be able to heal and know that she is always with us.

Aunt Nancy is very upset that she has not seen her humming bird yet. I mentioned to her that it may take some time. Not only that but I realize that there is a part of Nancy that doesn't fully believe it will happen. She told Nan before she passed that Nan was to show her a humming bird as a sign that she was ok and near Nancy. Well, last night when I got home. I put on Max and Ruby for Makenna and I. I look up at the TV and there was a humming bird on the show. My mouth dropped and I immediately called Melinda. Nan let me know she was at peace because I believe in seeing the signs. I thanked Nan and told her that she needs to come through for Nancy. Hopefully Nancy will be open to it when it comes or she may miss it. Good news is that our loved ones will not stop showing us the signs, it may just be a long time until we actually see them.

What I am thankful for today:
Signs from our loved ones
Celebrating someone's life
the honor to help Melinda's family yesterday
Melinda's family treating me as their own
my sign from Mimi yesterday
church with Makenna yesterday morning
the Lion's Club breakfast
Diane for watching my store yesterday
my children
my friends
my bottle of sanity with a hint of tollerance...LOL!
WII Active Sports game (love it!)
signs, signs, everywhere there's signs
my store