Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do You Honestly Heal Your Emotional Wounds

Through therapy sessions I have learned the difference between healing tears and tears of depression and saddness. I have learned that if you are still crying over something and it has been years since it has happened, you are not crying healing tears. You may not be one to talk to a therapist, you may not be someone who talks about issues at all. And, you do not need to talk to anyone other than God. Know that talking does help no matter how much it hurts. Surpressing feelings will not allow the healing process to even start. It also makes a person spiteful, angry, frustrated, and unable to grow. It also keeps a person from being able to be truly grateful.

Most of us have suffered from a broken heart. Whether be a loss of a mate, a pet, a friend, a relative, even a child. Some have experienced all of the above, including myself. Some have experienced other tragedies that keep them mourning for years. We all need to heal and let go of the weight we carry which keeps our heart feeling heavy.

Life is too short. We need to let go and move on. We honestly are not living if we chose to keep mourning events and loss from the past. Turn those tears of saddness and loss into healing tears. Cry with hope instead of loss. Ask your angels to put their hands on your shoulder, ask God for help in healing. Ask the universe how if you are unsure. You will get your answer.

I have come a long way from losing a friend in a car accident, watching my grandmother lose her battle with cancer (who was also my best friend), losing a baby, losing jobs, losing relationships...and so on. And although there will always be that little part of me that misses the people I have lost....I know they are still there. I do not cry anymore over the fact that they are not physically here. I rejoice in the memories of the time I got to spend with them. I embrace the memories through pictures and visions in my head. I talk to them as though they are standing right next to me. I am fulfilled because I know they are still right beside me, alhtough I cannot see them. I am healed.

What I am thankful for today:
the time I had with the love ones I have lost
the power of prayer
the power to heal yourself
time with my children
the friendships I have had for a long time and the friendships I am creating now.
healing and the healing of others
the article in The Morning Call
the call I got today from Saucon Mannor
the health of my loved ones and myself
my peaceful mind, body, and spirit
my home
my store