Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today & Tomorrow

Today was a great day. A woman from Lehigh Valley Marketplace Magazine came in and interviewed me. She is doing an article on Scrapbooking 101 and Googled scrapbooking stores near Easton and mine was one of the first to pop up! I know this will get me some great exposure. And, the woman is getting some friends together to take a class! YAY! Once she heard we do birthday parties, she instantly brought up her daughter. Potential birthday party scheduled? I think so!!

My Stampin Up workshop went very well. 3 new customers were in today. Each of them attended the vendor fair last weekend. With my hostes credit I am getting the stuff I need to make my Christmas Cards!!

Tonight Jeremy is out and I am already in bed at 9:30pm. Rooti kept me up last wonder why she fell asleep with Makenna over an hour ago. Rooti is Cheryl's poodle. She is extremely cute...personality and all. I am now watching The Cutest Cat on Animal Planet. Makes me want to go to the shelter..LOL!

I am looking forward to church tomorrow. Lately I swear the sermons are meant for me. It amazes me that God puts us exactly where we need to be. Every week I walk out of there feeling confident and very relaxed. Never would I ever have thought that I would enjoy church so much, I am glad God lead me to New Jerusalem. The older Youth Group and I are planning on performing the church service on the 19th of December if anyone would like to come. We are going to base it on what we learned at the Listen to Jesus Retreat over the summer.

What I am thankful for today:
my children
my dads health
my friends
my family
my pets
my faith in God
the shelter
Stampin Up free products!
new customers
loyal customers
my store
a great day tomorrow
getting Christmas cards made
The Secret
hot tea
the gym
girly time
my home