Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daubin, Dakoda, Don Diego and a Tiny Kitten (& an Old Friend)

It was brought to my attention last night that I have not blogged since June
5th ...thank you Diane! She is my ever so faithful blog reader, advice giver, baby sitter, store organizer, therapist, best friend, and neighbor (or pesty neighbor so she says). I am so blessed to have the neighbors that I do. Not everyone is as fortunate as I.

Finally on Saturday night I was able to go to the farm that my mother-in-law volunteers at. Makenna and Melissa (Diane's daughter) were already there. I have not been to the farm since the fall. I missed it so much. Don Diego is my alpaca boyfriend. He is such a love....with very bad breath. LOL! He lets me scratch his head and his neck and he will even lay his head on my chest. He is the sweetest. My mother-in-law had to groom a horse after she drove us around the farm on the Gator. The kids did not want to get off the trailer so I decided to take the wheel. It has been a very long time since I raced anything around. I got the hang of it quickly and before you know it I was racing Shannon on her 4-wheeler. The kids were screaming...GO FASTER! The German Shepherd Baily, was chasing us. This one little boy who was sitting next to me in the front begged me to go down this path in which we were very unsure of where it lead. Me being the daring one decided to try it. Well, it was barricaded with pine tree branches and other trees. There was no turning back so I made everyone duck and we went through it. We survived but were covered in Daddy Long Leggers. Apparently we went through a nest. Well that ended the adventure since Makenna and this other little girl were screaming. It was a lot of fun though. It brought back all those memories of racing my go-cart and my motorcycle around my parents property.

When we got off, my mother-in-law was riding a horse. We watched for a while and played with this tiny kitten that had more spunk than any kitten I have ever seen. And, this kitten had NO fear. Recently the barn cats delivered a litter of kittens. There was only one who would come out of the hole in the barn. He let us hold him and play...sooooo cute. I was asked if I wanted to ride Daubin, a horse that is boarded there but unfortunately the owners never come to see or ride him. Of course I jumped on that chance. What a sweet horse. I was able to learn how to steer him. It is very peaceful to ride. I totally enjoyed myself. Dakoda is a new rescue horse that they just got. Makenna wanted to ride him all by herself. She had no fear at all. She got right up there and looked so tiny. She had so much fun that it was a chore to get her off. I think she could have ridden him all night long. I am sure that this was one of many trips I will take to the farm this summer. Animals are one of my absolute favorite things. Then to get me out in nature racing around.....it is just such a joyful, peaceful experience.

I needed to blog about how The Secret recently worked for me. About three months ago I had asked the universe to bring an old high school friend back into my life. I have wanted to thank him for helping me through some really tough times. We lost touch after our senior year. At the Farmer's Market this past Sunday I was helping some children make Father's Day cards for their dads. There was this guy just standing there at my booth drinking coffee. I didn't recognize him until he smiled and said hi to me. It was Shawn. And of course I ran to hug him since I was over joyed that once again The Secret delivered what I wanted. I asked him why he was there and he said it was to get coffee. ??? The Farmer's Market was the only place he could get coffee?? Didn't matter because I knew why he was there. We talked briefly and he has mentioned that he will come into my store to see me sometime soon. All day I kept thanking the universe for delivering what I had asked for. Now I know I will get my chance to thank him for all he did for me our senior year.

Remember, ask and the universe will deliver. Just be careful what you wish for.

What I am thankful for today:
The Secret
the farm
Don Diego
the little kitten
the Gator
kids laughter
my health
the health of my children
the health of my friends
Crossroads tonight with the girls!
the walk with Jenny last night
her fiance' Mark for making me laugh
My mom for helping me get ready (tonight) for this huge birthday party at my store on Sunday.
All the people who are helping me and coming to my Open House on Saturday.
Sally's Card Club being full
Sally's Stamping Class being full
the new people I am meeting at the Farmer's Market
getting adjusted on Sunday (been way too long!)
the Healing Hands ladies who were next to my booth
eating dinner with the Borelli's last night (thanks for the presidential drink Rudy!)
Bryer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with sprinkles (thank you Diane!)
Gavin who was so sweet and helped me at the Farmer's Market and told customers that I taught him everything he knows about scrapbooking....LOL!!! What a great kid!
school being over soon
days at Long Island Beach State Park with my Gal Pals and their kids!
Melinda who inspires me constantly
my open mind
all negativity being eliminated from my life