Saturday, June 11, 2011

My "Big" New Thing for Today

Honestly I had no intentions of going to my 20th class reunion. Mostly because I have made peace with my high school bully and I really wanted to take the night to chill with my kids. This past week was soooo super busy for me with work. My friend Chris, Andrea and Sue were bugging me....mostly come. Andrea was home from Hawaii with her husband Dave and Chris really wanted to see me and Shawn. After talking with Shawn, we decided that we should go. My "big" thing today was going somewhere that I really didn't want too. However, being greeted with tons of hugs from people I seriously have not seen for 20 years was so awesome.

Steve told me that his mom found a shoe box full of notes that apparently him and I wrote back and forth during P.O.D., the most boring class in the world. I cannot believe he saved them all. Then Ken told me that the other day he found a box of letters that I wrote to him while he was away in college. He said that when he would receive one of my letters it was like Christmas. I miss those days. Ken and I were really close. I am glad I could make him so happy during his time away from home.

Jenna, Me and Steve

Chris looks exactly the same, just as most of us do. Jodi is coming home in July and we are getting together. Jenna is pregnant with twins!! Her and I reminisced about the crazy things her sister did to me. Jenna would do anything to get Kristen in trouble. Steve is the same silly man that I once sat behind and slept through class. LOL!

Jenna, Me, Steve and Jodi (she put her hair high like old times...LOL!)

Andrea and I, we were best buds forever. She reminded me of a time where she would come over and ride go-carts with me at my parents house. In a lighting storm she was panicking because she could not get the go-cart up the hill fast enough. She said she loved being at my house. It was sooooooo awesome to see her and Dave. And then there is Sue. She and I got along really well in school too. Although she was quiet and kept to herself, she was always so nice to me. And, she is no longer quiet nor does she keep to herself. LOL!

Andrea, Me & Sue

There will be a better picture to follow since Ken was there with all of his gear. Shawn took this one which is a little blurry since he was far away. This human pyramid was Andrea's idea. 

Me (on top of Trey), Dave, Marybeth, Andrea K, Kim, Stacy, Chris M., Melissa, Sue, Kelly, Glennie, Chris, Andrea, Todd, Emily, John

I felt so comfortable knowing that each person there was so thankful I came. I was not sure the response I would get. There is a lot I do not remember about high school because I was so stressed out. Everyone I talked too reminded me of awesome memories. Peggy had a great one in which I will not talk about since it was personal girly stuff. It was just amazing to know that we were all going through things very similar just dealing with them very differently. I will definitely go to my next reunion. And, I will be keeping in touch with everyone I have missed these past 20 years. 

Me & Shawn

What I am thankful for today:
Seeing friends I have not seen in a long time
my kids
my 'thing for a day'
quality time
my pets
the farmer's market tomorrow
seeing Sally today!! 
winning as one of the Mystery Hostesses
compliments (got lots today!)
realizing the lessons I had to learn were worth everything I had to go through
Sue for bugging me to go to the reunion
Makenna making me smile
my friends (old, new and rediscovered)
losing another pound
my new job
grateful people