Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Great Day!

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad! Brian, Jenn, She-She and I had a great time planning your party for today. Christine did an amazing job on the cake. My dad got a little misty eyed when he saw that their wedding picture was on the top. It was awesome to spend the day with family and friends. We laughed, ate, and had great conversations. A huge thank you to everyone who came!

Pappy (father-of-the-bride), She-She (Jr. Brides Maid), Cheryl (maid-of-honor), Bride & Groom, Usher Gary, and Usher Barry.

After this picture my sister-in-law and I were cracking up. My brother looks like he is making a Chandler face. I am sure those of you who have ever watched FRIENDS will completely understand. He was actually very good at it...LOL!
Right now I am house sitting for friends of mine. Their dog Toby cannot be left alone for a long period of time or he will destroy the house. Cages do not work either since he managed to break out of two different metal cages. Makenna was going to spend the night with me but she had trouble sleeping here so I took her home. A night to myself? What the heck is that? Granted I am laying here with a 65 pound dog who just got done shaking from the unexpected, unappreciated fireworks that just ended at I am in no way alone. LOL! What I am thinking is how the heck Jessi and Cindy sleep with this dog in their bed. There is honestly no more room with just the two of us....LOL! Did I mention that I got on their scale and I lost 7 in the last two weeks. WHOOO HOOOOO! This week I worked out 6 days!! I am on FIRE! Only 11 pounds from my goal weight!!

Jessi and Cindy have a hot tub. Of course I took advantage of that tonight. The only thing missing was the wine but I am over it. I just kept looking at the sky thinking about how great my life is. The tree next to their house was covered with blinking fireflies. I had my very own light show. No shooting stars tonight, but there is always tomorrow. Today was a very good day. My mom was so happy about their party that she was in tears. Everyone was so glad to be there. My parents are my best role models. Growing up, they fought, they hugged, they slammed doors, they actually made out in front of my brother and I....YUCK! Through it all, it taught me that even though we have struggles and we may get angry with people, each day is a new day and it is not worth dwelling in the negativity. They always made up and remained strong in their faith in God which I believe is what has kept them together all these years. They may not share a lot of the same passions in life, but they do have their commitment to God. And, they do support each others differences. Knowing that everything happens for a reason, I would not change a thing about the way they raised me.

As far as my life coaching, which I am sad to say has not been looked into at all recently, I tried it out on someone today. There was very sad girl, probably in her early 20's in the bathroom at the park today. I could not help but to want to hug her. She was sobbing. I decided to ask her if there was anything I could get her. She replied with, "A new boyfriend." Apparently hers decided to take the high road and break up with her via text message while she was at her brothers graduation party. Sense the sarcasm. All I could say to her was, " Remember that everything happens for a reason. And, when you find the right one, all this will be worth it." She actually smiled. Not sure where the words came from but I am so glad I was able to cheer her up even if it was only for a brief moment. What her boyfriend did was very low, pond scum low. However, there is a lesson to be learned for her. Hopefully it is that she is much better than he is and she deserves to be respected. I know that Life Coaching is for me. It is something I want to just to find the time. Hmmmmmmm.....

What I am thankful for today:
Christine for her amazing cake and her friendship
my parents
The Center
having everything started for Crafting for Paws
my kids
my pets....missing Zoe tonight who always sleeps with me ) :
my family
my friends
Time alone (not sure if I will sleep tonight!)
VBS starting tomorrow...hopefully I have everything done....LOL!
feeling relaxed and happy
the power of prayer
a good run this morning
running 5 miles in 35 minutes yesterday!
the sunshine
Choose Happiness
all the new followers of HIS facebook page
my store
remincing about the past
air conditioning
a beautiful day today for my parents party
knowing Shawn got to his camp site safely
the gym
Heather for watching Makenna on Friday
the 5-midnight crop this past much fun!
painted toes