Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Time I will Never Forget

During my trying teenage years, back in the mid to later 80's times were not as they are now. However, they were similar with the bullying, the peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, kids skipping school, etc. What do kids do today to stay away from all the negativity?

Fortunately for me, my church had a wonderful group of kids that was brought together by a woman named Kim. We formed a group called Animation. Fortunately my parents made me spend time at my church in order to become a part of this group. Animation was a group of about 15-20 children ages ranging from 14-18. We had fellowship, spent time on retreats, went to concerts, but mostly spent time rehearsing for plays that were written and choreographed by Kim. There were probably about 4 or 5 different plays, 2 in which I was in. Druzba and Smashed were the ones I was in. Druzba is the one I do not remember as well. I do remember playing an angel at one point and that the play was based in Russia at Christmas time.

Smashed is the one I remember most. I remember the relationships that Kim had paired us up in. One person was handicap, I was in a relationship with someone much older than me, and it was to show that God accepts everyone in any condition and we should too. I remember one of the cast members played the part of an alcoholic who got into a car accident from drunk driving and killed a best friend. He wanted to turn to the devil. With the help of all of his friends supporting him during this tragic time, he found God. He became sober and healed from his tragic loss.

Kim now has a Christan Drama School in New Jersey. It is amazing to me to know that Animation is what started her on the road to her lifetime career. Although she was not with us last night, I know she was there in spirit.

Talking with everyone last night I finally had the chance to tell them what they did for me. It was each of them that kept me walking in God's light. It was them that helped me to make the right decisions and gave me the support I needed that I wasn't getting from the kids at school. It was Animation who made me feel accepted in a time where school did not. They loved me for who I was whether or not I had the in style clothing, the perfect hair (which God knows I didn't,,,,LOL!), the great grades, etc. Never once did I turn to drugs or alcohol or feel the need to skip school to be cool. I may have 'run away from home' a few times in the heat of a fight with my mom, but I always had Animation to run home to. I thank God for them. I thank God for giving us the time last night to be together once more.

You all know how I am about signs from the other side. We walked into the living room with intentions of getting pictures taken together. On the TV was a music channel. As soon as I turned the corner to go into the room, I hear Amy Grant. Her song Angels Watching Over Me was on. We immediately turned it up, started singing and dancing. I smiled to myself knowing that we were all where we were supposed to be. Our angles had brought us together and were celebrating with us the miracle of our never ending friendship.

What I am thankful for today:
my friends
my family
my kids
my pets
The Center
the sunshine
Amy Grant
my health
the health of my loved ones
my dad feeling better
my bed
my home
my jeep
my store
full classes
every minute I get to spend with the ones I love
A wondeful Thanksgiving day