Thursday, March 4, 2010

Projects, Challenges, Inspiring People & The Goodness of God

So, I have decided to bring some of my scrapbooking stuff back home to work on it here. The heat is way too expensive to be at my store and Makenna would just be bored to death. My friend Jen and I have spent the last two days working on projects while Tanner, her son, and Makenna play Wii and 'husband and wife'. LOL! Between layouts, paper projects and upcoming classes, my brain is ready to explode. Ya know that phrase, careful for what you wish for?

After months of not entering any challenges, I finally took the time...well 4 hours of my create a layout for the Scrapping the Music Challenge Blog. It is a challenge I used to enter faithfully until I got way to busy. It is my absolute favorite layout that I have ever created. In fact, I posted it on facebook and have had people ask me to teach it as a class...LOL! I guess my 4 hours paid off. Now we will see if I win. I will be teaching it as a class in April....called the Sabby Scrapbooker. Yes, that is me. Give me all the distressing, all the embellishments and all the ink you can and I am still not satisfied.

After a long walk and talk with God over the past few months I have come to terms with who I am and what I want out of life. I have asked God to surround me by people who support me, have faith in me and are positive in every way. He took out all of the moody people, all of the negative people, and all of the people who were unhealthy for me. My store has definitely become my happy place again. I am enjoying every minute at my store. I pray every day that God brings into my life more creativity, more wonderful inspiring people, more people who share my passion and my dreams. I have asked Mimi, my late grandmother to show me a sign with each person who enters my life now. I want to know that they are good for me and I am good for them. She has not let me down. Whether it is two cardinals that she shows me or her name mentioned by some way or another....Mimi has come through for me in every person I meet.

I am so blessed. With 12 teachers now affiliated with my store and more on the way....I am truly inspired. Everyone is truly positive, creative, happy, and kind. God has brought them all into my life to help me with my life's journey. The customers I have been meeting are just as wonderful. All of them have made my happy place their happy place. Instead of being a store with employees and customers, we are one huge ever growing family. Thank you to everyone who has blessed me with their creativity, inspiration and their wonderful friendships.

What I am thankful for today:
My new and old teachers
My new and old customers
my store
the power of prayer
my new Youth Group starting March 20th
the 9 children (so far) attending the Youth Group sleep over at the church
Pastor Tricia
all the wonderful people at my church
officially being off all depression medication for 1 year!
my children
my pets
my wonderful friends who I love more than I could ever express
that if we make God the center of our lives, he will bless us with all things good
Amy Grant
my new scrapbooking family