Tuesday, June 21, 2011



I felt the need to share this amazing youtube video that was posted on Choose Happiness's wall today. It was the most perfect thing for me to read. There are many angels in my life that go hand in hand as to what is stated in this video. If it wasn't for my friends, I may not be able to get on track on my 'off days'. Same thing goes for Robin and all of the inspirational pages that I have come across since January. Erika brought up the fact that in January we only had 99 followers on the Happy Inspirational Scrappin faacebook page. Now we are up to 336 getting about 3 new followers a day. YAY! We must be doing something right! My other angels include my children, my family, my fur-angels, and certainly Shawn. God brings about these wonderful blessings to help us on our journey. Please read the amazing words of the video. You will be blown away.

So my weekend flew by. Kempton was so much fun with my family. My dad and my brother both raced. Dad came in 2nd, twice. Brian came in 2nd once then 1st. It takes me back to my childhood remembering sitting there watching my dad race as I was playing trucks in the mud. I still get those butterflies in my stomach when he is at the starting line. I know he is so happy that we are all there to cheer him on and watch him engage in something that he absolutely loves.

Father's Day was really good with the exception of having to say good-bye to someone I love. A friend of mine is moving away and we had a party for her in the morning. We both cried although we know that God has great things in store for her and we will keep in touch. Makenna and I took Jeremy to Red Lobster for what was supposed to be breakfast but he wanted a meal for brunch. So that is what he got. 5 hours later my entire family arrived for a steak dinner. My Aunt, mom and I cooked for the men. It turned out really yummy! Honestly I was still full from brunch but I ate anyway. I took a long walk after dinner...too full to run. My moms Strawberry Shortcake was to die for!

 I started my new work schedule at both the gym and Brith Sholom. The kids being off from school is very different. I had 5 of them at my house today since I was not working. I completely cleaned my bedroom. Moved furniture, vacuumed behind it, cleaned out my closet and drawers, and did a lot of laundry. It was nice to hear the kids laughing and having fun today. I woke up feeling very crappy. My mood has definitely changed thanks to laughter, Erika, and all the positive people I have met on facebook. They were all right on track with their postings today and what I needed to hear. Robin and my dream is to be motivational speakers together someday. There is this major feeling inside that just knows it will happen. We all have bad days. It is how we deal with them that matters. It was nice to know that Robin shares her bad days with us and doesn't pretend that things are always glorious when they aren't.

What I am thankful for today:
the new followers of HIS on Facebook
the motivational pages on Facebook that keep me in check
Jennifer G
Heather P and Heather R
Linda...cannot wait for my appointment on Tuesday!!
my family
my pets
my children
quality time with those I love
my parents 40th anniversary party on Saturday
a clean bedroom
Pastor Tricia
VBS starting on Sunday!!
my store
my life