Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Wreath & Thankfulness

Standing at the school today waiting for Gavin, I was discussing with some of the parents how much time just flies. None of us can believe that it is already December. It is funny that when we were kids, Christmas could not come fast enough. As adults it comes way too fast. To help the kids 'wait' for Christmas Jeremy and I have been creating an advent wreath of helping hands and adding to it each day. It was a project we started at church during the Advent Adventure event. Every day Makenna does something to help us out around the house. We write what she did on a tracing of her hand and tape it to a paper plate. In the middle of the plate are the 4 votive cups we created using tissue paper. Makenna looks forward to doing her helping hand every day. Gavin feels that he is too old for this project, but he enjoys helping his sister create her wreath.

I have been continuing Makenna's thankful list with her. We talk about what we are thankful for every day. Today she was thankful for: the Jeep being fixed for Mommy to drive, doctors, animals, Mommy, Daddy, Gavin, buttered noodles, pre-school and her belt. LOL! Funny that not one single toy was mentioned. I am very grateful that she is thankful for so many unmaterialistic things. I am sure she will be thankful for her toys, but how awesome is it that they do not mean as much to her as all this other stuff? I am so proud of her.

What I am thankful for today:
getting to watch Melissa, Gavin, and Makenna play charades (very funny)
The Biggest Loser (cried the almost the entire 2 hours of the show last night) Very inspiring!
Makenna being so well behaved at my 2 1/2 hour doctors appointment today.
flannel sheets
Makenna lending a helping hand
Gavin being such an awesome big brother to Makenna
a car to drive
time with Linda on Friday
lunch with Jen tomorrow (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)
cheese and crackers
my warm coat
clean laundry
Jamie (my soul-sister)
my cousins Randy and Jennifer
my kids