Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Sacred Space

Tonight I created my sacred space. It is in my room and almost ready for me to just 'be'. There are a few things I have yet to add but I love the way it is turning out. So far I have added things that remind me of my loved ones who have passed away, inspirational quotes, candles, and my gratitude book. I am hoping to take a few minutes each day and spend time focusing on me in my new space. I will take a picture and add it to the blog once I am done. This little task was recommended in the book Simple Abundance.

I went to The Healing Place today and was told that I was absolutely in need of it. My root was out, my solar plexus was closed, my throat and my head was closed. How I functioned....I'll never know. And to think that I was actually feeling better in the last few days. LOL! I feel so much better right now. Although I am currently listening to my son sob because it is that time of night, I still feel ok. Chloe is sitting on my lap and Diego is right next to me. I find comfort in their warmth and their unconditional love. Craig, Gavin and I sat on the porch tonight and talked. Not that it helped but it made me realize that the three of us can work together as a team to try to fix the situation. However, Gavin really isn't on board with anything right now. Time will heal him as well as his therapy.

My brother stopped over and we had a good conversation. It is nice to hear how many people are on our side and willing to help out. I will be going to therapy with Gavin next week since it is my turn. I am excited to see what the therapist has to say. Maybe he can give us some clue on how to deal with Gavin better. For now I am just going to be thankful that we are all healthy. We all have a roof over our heads. We have food on the table and a place to sleep. I have so many things to be thankful for today.

I am thankful for:
the quote I just read "If you want people to like you, you have to like yourself first."
my sacred space
my pets
my amazing friends and family
my children
my bed
my jeep being fixed and inspected.
my health
my neighbors
The Healing Place
The Center
Heather R. for checking up on me today ( :
the warm weather
Zumba this morning which was so much fun!
the sunshine
bills being paid
a good nights sleep
a clean house
awesome customers
my store
my teachers
the awesome news I heard tonight!
my church
Easter this Sunday!
the Feline Frenzy event on Saturday with Christine and her husband
being able to communicate with my ex
Shawn being so understanding
Jennifer G for making me laugh
PartyLite candles
new clothes (thank you mom!)
the power of prayer


Laying here next to my Monkey aka Chloe, I am feeling very grateful. I know it is late and I should be trying to sleep but I felt like I had to blog. Maybe this will be considered my 'meditation' time. In reading Simple Abundance, even us majorly busy women need to have that time to feel at peace doing something we love. Writing has always made me feel better. I get that from my grandfather.

I had signs all over the place today from my loved ones probably letting me know that they are here during such a difficult time. Makenna for no reason at all said, "Mimi." I said, "WHAT?" and she giggled! Then I saw a pelican on the Yahoo news tonight which is a sign from my grandfather....then checking my email I see the word humming bird which is a sign from Melinda's grandmother. Oh, I forgot to mention the monarch butterflies I saw; yellow is from Nana and orange is from Aunt Aida, Jeremy's family. I feel so peaceful knowing that they are with me. They are really trying to let me know that I am not alone.

My relationship with Craig has grown into something I NEVER thought it would. We can communicate so much better which will only allow a better future for Gavin. It is nice to know that we CAN work together to raise our son.

At the gym I heard someone yelling something but kept ignoring it because I had no idea it was in reference to me. LOL! When I turned around it was the trainer Dwayne yelling, "SLIM!" I laughed since he was trying to get my attention. He was acknowledging how thin I look. I have been working out every single day except the weekends and doing the things he has shown me and it is making a huge difference. I am so thankful. It really means a lot when a trainer notices a difference. I love my new nickname. He can call me slim anytime he wants. ( :

I met some awesome people on facebook today which shared my HIS blog with all of their fans. The page is so inspiring and so uplifting. I am so glad I found them and shared them with my friends. I will be checking this page every single day to start my day off on a positive note. Mornings are always the most difficult so I know this will help.

The class at my store tonight was amazing. I absolutely love the cards we made. I am actually giving one out tomorrow to Angie at the gym. She is our intern who's last day is tomorrow.

I got to watch the Biggest Loser with Shawn, and come home to 3 kitties who just welcomed me with open paws. Every night they sleep with me as if they know I need some comfort. I love them soooo much.

Tomorrow is Zumba with Jennifer and possibly Heather. I am excited to be able to go for the second week in a row. Zumba is even on Friday this week too!

I will be seeing Linda tomorrow at The Healing Place to open up my solar plexus which has been closed now for over a week. Man what stress can do to a person! The good thing is that I am honestly very happy right now. I can smile through the tears and know that we will all get through this. A big thank you to my friends and family for always being there for me. Love you guys!

What I am thankful for today:
this amazing day
an amazing day tomorrow
my kitties
my children
my friends
my family
my blooming flowers
beautiful cards
the sunshine
Diane for taking care of my kids tomorrow so that I can take care of myself.
fun times with friends
my new body!
The Biggest Loser
time to myself
every new day
my life