Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My new friend Robin is by far the most inspiring person ever. In the last few days she has been posting things on facebook that honestly I feel are meant for me. Her latest post was:

You might not be where you would like to be. But know and believe that you are right where you are supposed to be. Life is a journey with no set destination. The destination that we seek lies in each moment. You are in this exact moment to learn, to teach, to grow or to heal. You have arrived. Job well done.
 Wow! Now that was supposed to be what I read today. I commented on her status and told her that she must have been reading my mind today. I am not comfortable where I am right now. At least 100%. But I reassure myself that I am heading in the right direction because God is leading me to where I need to be. I may not fully like the journey but there is a lesson to be learned. I just want 100% control of my life. With a 11 year old who seems to want to control me and my decisions, I am not too happy. How do I please him and still stay happy doing the things I love and the things that bring me peace? Finding a balance is what I want. And, I want to take control of my life again. 
 As I scrolled down Robin's page I saw yet another thing that made me stop to think. Here was her other posting: 
No matter what the situation looks like or how impossible it seems always remember that everything changes. Do not be concerned with how or when things are going to shift. It's your job to trust and believe that there is a plan in place. There is major and intense work going on behind the scenes this very moment on your behalf. Hold on. Have faith. Change is coming and it's going to be good. Oh so good. Are you ready?
Thank you Robin for sharing your incredible inspiration every single day. She has truly inspired me and keeps me on track. I know things will get better. Thankfully my friends, my family and inspirational pages like Robin's help to hold me together until they do. 
What I am thankful for today:
inspiring words and quotes
my  kids
my family
my neighbors
Biggest Loser Finale tonight!
my googly bear
ever lasting friendships

my health
clean laundry
PartyLite candles
bubble baths
Zumba tomorrow
my pets
the power of prayer
knowing that I am headed for a wonderful life