Saturday, October 2, 2010

What is 'It'?

One word sums up how I am feeling right now, exhausted. Although I am thrilled that we managed to raise $1,340 for the New Jerusalem Fundraiser today, it was a lot of hard work. I am sure everyone who participated is feeling the same way. It was so worth it though. Shani and I were so blessed to have so many people help us. A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of the event. We could not have made it happen without you.

In talking Youth Group talk today with some members of the church and my mom, I came up with some solutions to my constant feeling of banging my head against the wall when it comes to getting everyone together. The kids do not want to learn any more bible verses, nor do they want to sit around and talk about God. Not that I believe that Youth Group is all about that, I think it is important to get together with reasons of learning Gods way. Right? Times have changed since my youth group and I want to keep up with the current trends of getting extremely busy kids together. However, it has been a struggle since day one. I get that kids learn about God through church, Sunday School, Confirmation Class, etc. So how does a Youth Leader be a Youth Leader without feeling that I am getting kids together for a play date?

The community service at The Center for Animal Health and Welfare was such a hit with those who went. The children worked because they wanted too. They experienced things they have never seen. They felt love like they have never felt. My mom pointed out to me that these kids were getting a message. My mom totally acknowledged what 'it' is all about. 'It' is about doing for others. 'It' is about doing service for others, helping others, making other's lives easier. 'It' is about living God's way and spreading it to others just as Jesus did. 'It' is coming together as a community, a whole, and preforming God's work. Now the answer to what 'it' is, is life.

So, while we may have fun outings going bowling, to Dorney Park, camping...etc, we will be engaging in a lot of other wonderful experiences subjecting the children to things they have never seen. We will be helping out at a local soup kitchen, donating items to Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter, engaging in fundraisers for various charities and getting these kids educated on life, all aspects of it and how we can all help. As these kids grow up, they will figure out what matters to them most and help in the area they feel the most passion for. Just as I feel the most passion for animals. This doesn't mean that I will not help with other charities or events, just that my passion is greatest for God's wonderful furry creatures.

My challenge for you is to do God's work at least once a day. Make someone elses life easier by lending a helping hand. Could be as easy as helping someone carry their groceries to lending someone $20. Could be just a smile offered to help cheer someone up. Let everyone see God shine through you. Show them what wonderful things He can do. Be the messenger and show everyone what 'it' is all about.

What I am thankful for today:
How awesome our fundraiser was
all the help we received
my Mom
Jennifer G for her amazing baked goods!!!!
everyone who donated something
my bed
my niece and nephew
my children
my pets
my friends
my family
my strength
my confidence
my health
my Jeep
my church family
my free oil change!! WHOO HOO!
Shawn (he is coming home tomorrow...YAY!)
Emma and Gunnar who just make my day