Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Although it was a busy weekend, and needless to say an emotional is done and over with. My friend Jen and I took time to sit with my Pastor and pray. We both felt a relief walking out of the church. Even though Jen and I pray on a regular basis on our own time, it is nice to know that at any time we feel the need to go a step above that, we can.

Watching The Biggest Loser last night, Sam said a few things that really hit home with me. He said that he is done with the patterns of his past. He realizes that no matter how he lives his life and no matter whether or not he is even here on earth, life goes on. So he is going to live his life to the fullest filling himself up with positive things instead of the smoking, the alcohol and the food that he was using to fulfill the voids before he was on the show.

Just because Sam partied and may not have lived his life the way others would have wanted him to does not take away from the fact that he is a very awesome human being. Sam is very strong and he is a very kindhearted loving person. As he is transforming and healing, and losing all this weight, you can see the Sam that lies beneath the heartache. He is an inspiration to many, including myself.

God wants us to look passed the junk we see in people. For any issue we have with another is actually an issue with ourselves. It is a problem that we have to learn how to deal with better. We cannot change people. So, God wants us to love them just as they are. Of course we are not going to agree with everything they do but that doesn't mean that we have to try to change them to make us happy. That would be selfish anyway. When I see a person with heartache or 'issues', I pray for them. I also ask God to help lead them to a better path of life. God is also able to help you help that person, that is if the person is willing to accept it. If you are a person who walks with God, people will see God through you.

Somehow Sam and the other contestants were lead to The Biggest Loser to change their ways. When it comes down to their weight it is always an emotional issue that is the cause of it. Once they heal and can let go of the past, they can live more fully. I may not have had an issue with weight but I definitely had issues that needed to be most of us do. Somehow God lead me back to him to transform my life. Like Sam, I realize that life will go on with or without me. So while I am here I will try to make a difference in people's lives, live to the fullest and love unconditionally the best that I can.....with God's help.

What I am thankful for today:
my children
my pets
my friends
the sunshine
blooming flowers
the energy to run last night
inspirational people
my store
my teachers
my customers
Pastor Tricia
quality time with my children
The Biggest Loser
positive thinking