Friday, February 19, 2010

Chloe and 100 Things

People do not give animals the credit they deserve. To me, and lots of other people, pets are God's gifts to us. They give us peace, affection, comfort, and love that is constant and unconditional.

Chloe is my cat. She is a one person cat, and I am her person. Now at almost 12 years old she is showing the signs of aging. She is not able to jump up on high places as easily, she has skin disorders and is not nearly as playful as she used to be. Chloe and I had a long chat yesterday. We are in agreement that she is to live until at least 21 years old. Her 'Uncle Butterscotch' lived to be 22, so I know that it is possible.  We will see if her body allows her to live that long. Her spirit is still strong, still stubborn and for a cat, she never gives up.

Chloe comforts me and it seems as though she knows when I need it. She is not affectionate with anyone other than me. She rarely goes to anyone but me. Chloe is very vocal, we do talk to each other and understand each other. Scary I know. It gets on some people's nerves but I love it. If only everyone understood the compassion that an animal is willing to give. It is sad to know that so many animals are in unloving homes with people who neglect them. It breaks my heart actually. The animal has no choice as to where it lives and who takes care of them. I am so thankful for my Chloe and my other pets. They warm my heart and my spirit every single day.

My 100 things that I am thankful for:
100. my pets
99. my friends
98. my family
97. my children

96. scrapbooking
95. nature
94. my store
93. my customers
92. my teachers
91. flowers
90. sunsets
89. sunshine
88. the rain
87. hot tea
86. coffee with flavored creamer
85. summer
83. chinese food
82. ice cream
81. laughter
80. my vehicle
79. PartyLite
78. my clothes
77. free haircuts
76. free gym membership
75. my camera
74. my printer
73. the internet
72. facebook
71. my blogs
70. my website
69. creativity
68. inspiration
66. kindness
65. quality time with my children
64. precious memories
63. rainbows and every color in them
62. The Healing Place and Linda
61. massages from Tom (Kneading Hands Massage)
60. music
59. Jillbean-Soup
58. BoBunny
57. animals

56. my clean house
55. clean laundry
34. Stampin Up!
33. painted toes
32. Amy Grant
31. church
30. the power of prayer
29. God
28. selflessness
27. tissues

26. loyalty
25. everlasting friendships
24. the beach
23. Wii
22. signs from my loved ones who have passed away
21. my warm queen sized bed
20. Youth Group
19. Avon (thank you Rachel)
18. sleep
17. smiles
16. appreciation
15. open mindedness
14. unconditional love
13. positive minds
12. the fact that I can walk to my store from my home
11. sea shells
10. classes at my store
9. inspirational quotes
8. heat
7. hot bubble baths
6. soup
5. jewelry
4. happiness
3. constructive critisizm
2. silly sacrasm
1. my health