Sunday, July 10, 2011

A wonderful night helping someone I love

Unexplainable but wonderful things have been happening to me in the last two years. Not sure where it all came from or why but I am coming to terms with it and learning how to use my gift to help others. Tonight I helped a friend that I have never met. There are ways that spirits connect us to each other and there are reasons. I will not go into detail for the comfort of her sake. It is something that she would like to keep to herself. However, I cannot help but to feel so blessed and thankful for what I was able to do for her.

Our loved ones who have passed do not want us to continue to mourn the loss of them. They are in a better place and want us to be happy. Of course we all have moments of sadness and loneliness without them. But if we can take most of our days and celebrate their life instead of mourning their death, we will be so much better off. I know what it is like to lose people that we are so attached to. I felt like I lost my best friend when my grandmother died. I remember her saying to us when she was in her last few days, "Please do not cry for me, I will be fine." Being a 26 year old who always told myself as a child that she would never leave me, I thought, "I am not going be fine! What about me?!" Yes, the selfish side really came out. I wanted a miracle. And, it didn't come. I was angry at everyone and everything, including God. How could He take her away from me? Didn't He know how much I needed her? Why couldn't He make her better.

Being older and more educated I realize that when our time is up, it is up. If a miracle were to happen then it would have. But it was not written in the stars for her. She had been called Home because it was her time. And now I know that she is always with me even though I cannot see her. She hasn't ever left me. I find comfort in that. I also know that she will be waiting for me when it is my turn to go Home. I see most of my signs from her. And, I am so grateful that she comes through for me like that. It just shows me that she is as attached to me as I am to her. There is no doubt that she experiences all my exciting events and is with me when I am upset or feel alone. Being so open and aware of what is going on around me spiritually, I am reaffirmed constantly. I am where I should be. And, I am able to be more patient, more kind, and have more faith in where I am going.

What I am thankful for today:
my gift which I am working on getting better at
my friends
my family
my health
a great day tomorrow
meeting new people
a great meeting at the store today!
Vintage weekend at my store in the fall
Crafting for Paws!!
inspirational facebook pages
my pets