Friday, July 8, 2011

Awesome Week

What an awesome week it has been. Happy Inspirational Scrappin is booming with new inspirational souls every day. I love waking up to seeing the new followers, comments and likes on the page. I now know what direction I was meant to take with the HIS Challenge and I am loving every minute of it.

I had a great weekend with my family. The 4th of July picnic was a lot of fun. I got to catch up with my cousin Tanya who is popping out with her basket ball of a baby boy at 6 months into her pregnancy. We worked on our tans together while the kids laughed and swam ALL DAY. The fireworks were great as usual and so was the cute family of frogs that have made my parents pool their home.

Erika and I had two meetings for the store poolside. Love that we can work and play at the same time. Honestly it doesn't feel like work at all. Makenna swam all the way around my parents pool without any floaties on and without holding onto the wall. So proud of her! The fundraiser is coming together really well and lots of people are donating and baking. YAY!

For my inspiration for today I was amazed by the things people are saying about me, not only to my face but behind my back! Matt (the new assistant at the gym) had a crazy day at work yesterday and was really not looking forward to being at the gym today. However, as he was describing his day yesterday, all I could do was laugh, he said, "I knew that I was coming in today and working with you so I was really happy about that." I couldn't believe it! How nice is he? Then he proceeded to say that this other guy Matt and him were talking about this major negative person who just quit. They were saying that they didn't need her negativity there and were discussing others that may need to find their way out as well. Well, Matt S. said to Matt P "You know who I like? Amy. She is always happy and smiling." I think I actually blushed as Matt P was telling me this. I was really happy to know that my positivity is actually making everyone happy. Some may find it annoying and it is only because they are not in the same place as me. That is ok. Members comment on my smiles...and you must know that I never wear make-up and always have my hair up when I am there. It is nice to know that they like me for me and my personality. They still call me the sunshine of the gym. I am so blessed to feel like I am finally content with who I am. It is nice to see that everyone notices and appreicates my happiness. It is contaigous. And, people actually are looking to me to brighten their day. Brent is another one who feeds off of me. Honestly, when I look at him I see me as a male. Except that he is more open about dancing and being silly in public than I am. I used to be that how do I get that back? Maybe I need to spend more time with him. He is a light for me. I love going into work when he is there.

So you can choose your mood.
And here is my happiness formula.....Are you Happy?

My thankful list for today:
the wonderful people at the gym
my friends
my family
my children
seeing Cars2 tonight with my family
pool time
my health
my class tomorrow morning
Jennifer allowing me to borrow Zumba on it!
quality time
Haunted Collector (awesome show!)
my bed
milk and oreos
The Center
Linda for putting me in my Happy Place
HIS Challenge/Blog/facebook page
my life