Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time to Discover

Wow, it has been two weeks since I have last blogged. That is so unlike me...LOL! Time has gotten away. I cannot believe the kids start school soon. In some ways I am excited and in others I am sad. Sad because it means summer is over and we all know how much I love this season. I am also sad because I really do enjoy the time with my kids. When they do go back to school I am hoping to work on my intuition. Yes, I know that sounds like an odd thing to do but I was told that this is a gift that I am supposed to be using. And, I honestly feel like that is true. Fear gets in the way for me. The fear of my instincts being incorrect, or people looking at me like I have no clue what I am talking about. This is where I think about how thankful I am that I have mentors and guides to help me along this new journey.The transition can be exhausting. I find myself praying for motivation and energy. It feels as thought the angels and guides are hard at work while I am asleep. I was told that this may happen. Instead of fighting it, I am going with it. Linda has reminded me that I am very protected by my departed loved ones. She feels them around me every time I am in her office. Linda has been such a blessing to me. Her gift is so special and I am so thankful that she shares it with me and my loved ones.

So, where do I go from here? Maybe a few books I should look into purchasing, maybe some Doreen Virtue cards, and yes, a lot more time to myself where it is quiet. I have to learn to listen and not be afraid in those moments. Last night while asking for guidance, clarity, direction and motivation, I could feel a tingling sensation from my neck all the way up my scalp. It didn't stop. This did not scare me. However, I swore I heard a whisper which was followed by, what I will say was like a heat flash throughout my body. The tingling stopped and I felt scared. Then I reminded myself that I was ok. I was not harmed. Maybe it was a process that my body was going through. I really thought that I would have problems sleeping after that, but I didn't. Whew!

Now that I was reassured that I have this gift, I want to start using it. I want to start trusting my signs, my guides, my intuition. I hear this journey can be a blast. So, why not! LOL! I am up for it.

What I am thankful for today:
my gift of being a gifted intuitive
my children
my family
my friends
my pets
HIS facebook page
my new Jeep ( I feel it coming!!)
the fans of my HIS page
my store
my teachers
The Healing Place
The Center
food (stomach just growled)
the power of prayer
my life