Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today....let me think. I did get some phone calls today from new people signing up for classes and some new customers in the store. I am pondering the thought of when would be a good time to tweek my hours a bit since we seem to be very slow in the mornings. There was a request for classes during the day when children are in school. It isn't really something I gave thought too since my daughter is always with me during the day. It would not be hard at all to find someone to watch her. How many people would actually be able to come in during the day? This may be a new poll I should take. So far there has been no problems getting new people in the store. However, they are usually only available in the evenings or weekends.

Interesting enough I have had run-ins with girls I went to school with. Girl's I have not seen since. It is great to see all that everyone has accomplished since high school. It's hard to believe it is only 2 years until our 20th anniversary. I will not say reunion since our class only ever had a disappointing I heard. It is hard to believe that I once ran away from Hellertown and now I am not only living here and raising my kids here but also starting my business here. I have had to learn to put small towns in perspective....the rumors fly, everyone knows everyone, and yes it sucks sometimes. However, when it all comes down to is just like family. If anything were to ever happen to anyone, we would do anything for each other. I am glad however that I left for a few years.