Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quality Time and more...

 So the last time I blogged I was indeed a little negative. But I am over it. Nothing a chat with the besties and a reality check can't fix! Why do I let people get under my skin? Oh well, it is over. I had a great today with the kids. Today I wanted it to be all about them. Makenna and I enjoyed the morning at Desales and saw Sleeping Beauty with Jaymen and his grandmother. The play was adorable! After, we spent some time on Denise's farm. Jaymen was showing us all the animals. Homer the goose seems to be Denise's guard goose. He is always making sure everyone knows he is around.

Denise has invited us to her farm for feeding time where we can help feed the goats, the sheep and the chickens! Makenna is so excited!

When we got home I took the kids shopping for Father's Day gifts. We also took Diego over to Cindy and Jesse's for a playdate with their dog Toby. I will be spending a week with Toby while his family is away. I took the kids, Kayla included, to the shelter. We got to spend time with lots of new kittens. Alice sat on my lap, finally. It has been a long time. She was back to her old self smacking every cat that came within paws reach. I love that cat. We found out that the cat that is in love with Bryce is named Kutta. She is a female black/white tiger. I had her on her back tonight purring like crazy.

To end my night with the kids, Gavin and I played a board game, twice once Makenna was in bed. It was a really good day. I would have liked to have spent some time with Shawn but there is always tomorrow night.

My thing for today was to try the Teriyaki Sweet Onion Chicken at Subway. It was sooo yummy. I first heard of it on The Biggest Loser. I will definitely have that again. My 'thing for a day' is working out really well. I am trying new things and keeping an open mind. When I am feeling angry, I try to change it right away. It isn't always easy but I feel so much better when I concentrate on what makes me happy. Focus on the good. I am so blessed. I have great friends, a wonderful family, my health, my dream job, amazing kids, great pets and the most amazing boyfriend in the world. I am going to bed tonight being thankful for the quality time I had with my kids today, the quality time I had with Shawn on Tuesday, knowing that I am right where I am supposed to be every single moment, and loving where I am headed.