Thursday, June 25, 2009


To sum up my life right now I have to use one word...WOW! In therapy yesterday I talked about my experience with the Healing Place. My therapist asked me if I realized how blessed I am to be able to see my family from the other side. I actually got teary eyed because of how blessed I feel. She said that she sees a big difference in my emotions. In fact she used the words healing tears. Before when my tears were of fear or sadness, they are now tears of healing. I do feel different inside since my experience at the Healing Place. Before if I was in a crowd of people or felt rushed, I would get a feeling of someone standing on my chest. If the kids were clingy and needy all day, I would feel pressure in my head and this feeling of tightness in my chest. It amazes me that emotions actually physically control a person. This is why in The Secret it states that how we feel controls what we think and visa verse. I cried that one night for about 4 hours to wake up the next morning with head cold. Negativity does ruin our bodies.

I received a phone call from Linda, the woman from the Healing Place the day after my appointment. She had asked me how I was feeling. I told her that I have never done drugs before but I think this is what high feels like. LOL! I cannot get over that all those physical feelings of stress are gone. Makenna was nagging me when I was on the phone and I didn't feel as though someone was standing on my chest....for the very first time. I do not feel the yucky stomach ache when hear bad news. It is amazing. Because our bodies get into a state where although uncomfortable it is normal, I know that my body will go back to what it feels is right. When I start to feel those physical feelings of stress again, then I will know that I need to call Linda and get rebalanced. So far, I feel wonderful and it has been 4 days.

I did not go into detail about my walk with Shawn in my last blog. All I can say is that he has been through so much and is still in a very dark place in his life. I comforted him as he cried feeling guilt and sorrow for choices he has made. However, not once did he complain about anything. When I told him that The Secret brought him into my life, he wanted to know more about this powerful book. I know he is searching for a light, something that will take him out of this dark place. I want to be the light that he needs and I am finding out that is exactly what I am. He called me yesterday and said, "Guess what book I am holding in my hand?" Of course my mouth dropped and I said, "tell me.." He said, "The Secret". Apparently one of his co-workers had the book at home and brought it in for him soon after he talked about it at work. I told him that if I could, I would reach through the phone and give him the biggest hug! I am so proud of him wanting to better himself and for embracing my positive energy. I am so thankful that the universe delivered him back into my life. I know Shawn needs the inspiration and to be surrounded by positive people. And, I plan on being here for him as long as he needs me.

What I am thankful for today:
Shawn and his open mind and willingness to change
The Secret
the elimination of the physical feelings of stress
The Healing Place
my open mind
a wonderful walk in the country with Jenny and Trooper (Heather's dog) last night
chicken wings.....thank you Diane and Rudy!
Makenna playing store with me
an awesome conversation with Missy last night (love ya girl!)
Missy and Tim taking Gavin for dinner and a playdate last night
my lilies which are in FULL bloom
my overabundance of time and energy
getting to spend time with Alyssa and Josh tonight
July being filled with classes at my store
my teachers
my customers
my family
my friends
my pets (even when Zoe meows in my face at all hours of the night).
Faith telling me yesterday that she thinks my gardens are beautiful