Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ramblings for today

In my last posting I mentioned how exhausted I was...... Today I am emotionally exhausted. It took Linda and I 6 hours to create two picture boards for Nana's funeral. I came to work at 10am and worked until 9:30pm last night. I managed to get over 50 thank you post cards created before she got here at 3pm. So yes, I worked the entire time. The girls at my store and I are creating post cards to send out to the people who donate monetary gifts to The Center for Animal Health and Welfare. It takes a job off of them and allows us to be creative in helping them out.

Today, I have a bird in my store. He is nesting peacefully on the top of a wreath I have hanging ontop of the windows in my office. How the heck do I get him out? LOL! At least it is entertaining when he starts to fly around. Maryann said it is a gift I have, animals flock to me. May I remind people that I am not entirely a bird person??? LOL! I have my few choices that I like, Casey and Sunney....that is about it. They make me nervous.

Today, I feel blah. Linda and I cried last night together so my head hurts today. My spirit just doesn't feel right. Church was great this morning until they annouced their sympathy for Jeremy and my family. I balled....with no tissues....snot and tears everywhere. I wish I would have had more time to scrapbook with Nana. She just could not make it up my stairs. Because of mine and Linda's schedule it was hard for us to coordinate time for me to go down there and scrapbook. Maybe this is why I am so sad. I was really enjoying my time with her in the last year.

After I had heard of her passing, I prayed. You know me and my signs..... Of course I had asked Nana to show me a sign that she had crossed over and was ok. Within two hours of asking, she came through to me twice. Last night I told Linda that Nana was ok and how I knew. She tearfully thanked me for sharing that with her and was so grateful that Nana made it Home.

I am so blessed to have the gifts that God has given me. The gift to see signs from loved ones who have passed, connections to the spirit world, the feeling of spirits being with me. My grandfather seems to be the strongest. I feel him the most when I write. Like now....I know he is with me. It is this inner shaking, cold feeling that the biggest snowsuit would not make me warm. He promts me to write. He wants me to publish a book about my experiences with the spirit world. I am just not ready to tell the world of judgemental and critizing individuals. My strength to not care what they think has got to be hardened. I have come a long way. Lets just say that I know the people I can talk too and I am so thankful for them.

What I am thankful for today is:
my experiences with 'the other side'
the people God has surrounded me with
inner peace
my children
my pets
my friends
my store
my creativity
the gift of writing
my health
The Healing Place
Linda M
Linda B
knowing Nana is in a better place
The Farmers Market next Sunday