Friday, April 22, 2011

Don't Bring Me Down

 I am soaring! Nothing can bring me down. So many positive things happening I cannot seem to stop blogging every single night!

Josh from posted the start of our HIS Challenge blog in the online newspaper today. Last I checked 10 people recommended the article. My thought on this blog is to help people become more positive. Yes gas is expensive, children get whiny, sometimes our health isn't the best, and sometimes things can be worse. So, lets change those thoughts into the positive. Anyone who likes to be crafty will be able to participate. And, they can create anything that they are inspired to create. If we take our minds off the things that bother us, we are creating more positive events in our lives. Focus on the good. Tell those who complain to give it to God. Us positive people want to stay in the realm of all good things. Nothing good can come from complaining. I want all good things to come to everyone.

Tomorrow I am excited to spend some time with my shelter friends, furry and non furry. Christine, her hubby and I are working at the Feline Frenzy event in Macungie. It is a huge event with lots of other cat rescues trying to get cats adopted and money raised. It will be fun. I am blessed to know such wonderful people through the shelter. We all try our hardest to help out where we can. Everyone is so awesome.

Zumba was great this week.....I got to take it TWICE! Happy Hour is coming up on May 6th. Jennifer and I will be there having some drinks before making fools of ourselves during Zumba class. We are very excited! Thank you Diane for taking care of the girls while we are having some fun. I broke down today and bought sneakers. My pinkie toe has a blister from Zumba today. I know there is now way I can wear them anymore. They are over a year old and I use them HARD!

I got a chance to spend some time with Erika today. I helped her organize her craft room. Next will be working on her flower beds. Allison and Makenna had a good time playing.

My mom finally sent me some pictures of Makenna's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. She really had a lot of fun. I will post those later. A huge thank you to everyone who came.

Things with Gavin were not so bad this morning or yesterday but of course he wasn't going to school. I am hoping to get him a picture book with silly pictures and maybe some of his dad and I to help him during school. Maybe this way he won't feel so alone.

Well, it is now almost midnight and I have to get up early for the Feline Frenzy. Good night for now! Hopefully I will be able to keep up this nightly routine and keep up the blogging before bed. It really helps me sleep.

What I am thankful for today:
friends friends friends
Feline Frenzy
Christine and her husband Chris
The Center
egg hunts
Dwaynes workout working
my garden which is looking GOOOOD!
my pets
my kids
self esteem
laughing so hard your stomach hurts
blushing moments
my new sneakers
inspirational quotes
my store
full classes
the sunshine
summer on it's way!
foot massages
bare feet
the gym
working out with Jennifer G
my home