Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Scrappy and Peaceful Day

Today I thought I was stuck at home with Makenna not being able to venture out because our car seat was left in Jeremy's car. Then I get a text message from Jennifer G who wants to know if I am up for some craftiness. YES!!!!!!!!! She brought Jess over today to play with Makenna as her an I engaged in our HIS Challenge for June. So glad I was able to find that picture of my dad and I at my wedding. Having Jennifer here made the rainy dreary day a very sunny productive one.

When she left I managed to whip out my submission for the Scrapping the Music Challenge. I love the pictures from Mother's Day and the lyrics to the song were amazing. Here is what I came up with.....

After a good night with the family at Clara and Bryce's K-Kids Graduation, I was able to spend some quality time with Shawn. Ghost Adventures was on all evening which always is a good thing. I felt like I haven't seen him in forever and it has only been two days. I thank God for his patience and understanding with my current situation. We make the best of the time we have together. So glad he loves me enough to wait.

It was a good day. And, I am so thankful that I manage to get to spend so much time with my family and my children. I am enjoying my scrappy time since it isn't often I get to have any....especially with friends. Tomorrow will be a good day too. Erika and I are headed to the Scrapbooking Expo in New Jersey. Then when we get back my children and I are going to the zoo with some family members. I am so excited.

What I am thankful for today:
being in the arms of my baby
my children
blue skies
being drama mama free
Diane....always making sure I am ok
the zoo
my pets
butter pecan ice cream
memories of my childhood
the gym
my parents
my gardens
my store
Jennifer G
my health
the health of my loved ones