Thursday, April 16, 2009

Field Trip, Organizing, Jewelry Party and More!

It has been a busy week. Makenna turned 3 on Monday...I am still in shock over how fast she is growing up. Yesterday was one of the only days that I had to spend away from her for the entire day. At first it didn't bother me since I was so active in the morning with a field trip with Gavin's class. It was a very good trip. We went to a one room school house where my father went to school. It was nice to learn about the school, the memories that past students had shared there and the history of it all. The teacher who was doing the presentation did a very cool visual for the children of what life was like back in 1933 for the students who attended the school. Of course the lights were turned off since back then there was no electric in the school house. The kids could not believe how much more difficult it was to see. The teacher demonstrated what a day would be like in the classroom from start to finish. It was so awesome to see how one teacher managed a classroom from grades 2nd through 8th. We also go to experience what indoor recess was like on a rainy day. The kids got to play two games from the past in which they loved! They also got to eat their "lunch" which was really their snack, at their desk. The kids got to ask the teacher a lot of questions. One was, "Were there snow days?" I knew the answer to this because of my parents always complaining of walking to school in the snow. Of course the teacher answered, "No." The only way they had a snow day was if they walked all the way to school and the teacher didn't show up. This meant that some children had to walk 2+ miles to get to school only to turn around and go back the snow. I had to laugh since there will be days where I walk Gavin to school and he complains the entire way that his legs are tired...LOL! I am glad to know that all those times my parents used to complain about "walking to school, up hill (both ways, of course) in the snow and my mom had to where a skirt or dress...." were actually true statements. Here I thought all this time they were just trying to make our lives look so much more easier than wrong was I? LOL!

As for the rest of my day, I got to eat lunch with Gavin then head to work. Work for me yesterday was all about purging the store. I cleaned out the classroom, got rid of things that I didn't need there and so on. Most of the day was spend with a headache due to lack of sleep and most likely the rain.....of course the noisy children on the bus had NOTHING to do with it. ( : I almost cried when I got on the bus and realized that I had to walk sideways through the isle. I distinctly remember being able to walk straight through that as a kid.

Right after work I was hosting a Premier Jewelry show. I host one every 6 months since I love the jewelry and Yvonne the consultant. She has been doing Direct sales for over 25 years. She is very good! I had 5 people at my show. I closed with a $400 show and $260 in free jewelry!! I also managed to get 3 shows booked off of mine! Like I said, Yvonne is very good!

When the show was coming to a close I realized that my heart felt very heavy. I knew that Makenna would not be awake when I got home. I was so sad that I had not gotten to see her all day. I did talk to her on the phone once for a few minutes but it is not the same. Then my husband called to tell me that she was asking for me before she fell asleep. Apparently she bumped her head really hard and wanted me to come home and kiss it. Talk about making me feel worse for not being there. I am so used to having her with me all the time that it is like a part of me is missing when she in not there. I know it is good to be away from each other since it will make us appreciate each other even more when we do spend time together. I am so thankful that I get as much time with her as I do and that our relationship is already very tight.

What I am thankful for today:
being able to attend the field trip with Gavin
being able to eat lunch with him at school
learning about my dads old school house
meeting someone who knew my grandmother (dad's mom)
my now organized store
my mom for watching my store for me
my jewelry show and everyone who came
my FREE stuff!!
moments where I miss my kids
moments I get to be with them
the relationships I have with my kids
a day that is not so busy today
my classes tonight
the 10,000 step challenge tomorrow!!