Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Power of Love

In reading the new book called The Power I have had some major discoveries on why The Secret doesn't always seem to work in my life....and the lives of others. In The Power, it constantly reminds us that Love is the highest power. Love is the most positive power one can feel. When we are thinking about something or someone we love, we feel amazing, wonderful things happen in our lives and we feel like nothing can take that away from us. So then why do we still have bad days? Why do we still get into negative situations?

The answer is as simple as how fast we change our thoughts. One minute we are feeling love because we are laughing with our friends. In the next minute someone is complaining to you or you are complaining about something. When we are complaining, we are not feeling love. One minute we are hugging our loved ones, the next minute we realize our computer is slower than usual and it makes us frustrated. One minute we are driving without traffic feeling pretty good, then stumble upon a traffic jam and we don't feel too great. Our thoughts change so frequently throughout the day that the feeling of love is just as lacking as it is had. How can we change this? Is it possible to feel love every second of the day? Maybe it is for some people, but I have yet to experience that myself.

In The Power, what we can do when a bad situation happens that makes us lack the feeling of love is to immediately think of what we do love. It could be a picture of something that makes you feel good, or a situation that made you laugh. Maybe it is someone you love. It could be funny movie, getting lost in inspiring music or an inspirational book. It could be a simple phone call to a friend who will make you feel better. It could be day dreaming about the future, an event you have to look forward to. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS. Stop focusing on the situations where you are lacking love. You must feel love as much as possible to continue good things entering your life. Obviously it will take practice. There is so much negativity that we are all faced with each day from so many different outside influences. If we could consciously remember to fill ourselves up with love each time we feel lack, we would be so much better off. We could live more positively and be more of an inspiration to everyone around us.

I am so thankful that I have my 'support group'. My friends are always there ready to boost up my positivity. It helps when you have others to help you. When I say help, I mean get you out of your funk. Not gripe with you, and add to your already bad mood. Whoever said misery loves company is so right. Too bad we cannot get those miserable people on their own planet....LOL!

What I am thankful for today:
my support group
lack of negativity in my life
my children
my pets
my friends and family
people who choose to talk about positive situations rather than complain about negative ones
back rubs (without even asking)
my health
the health of my loved ones
a roof over my head
my store
my customers
the power of prayer
Amy Grant
my jeep
my weight
the colors purple and blue
the sunshine
The Center for Animal Health & Welfare
Pastor Tricia
my bed
clean laundry