Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's A Great Day!

So, I am having a wonderful day! I went to bed last night saying that today was going to be great. I asked for new customers, to be in a good mood and feeling good. My neighbor called me this morning to tell me that she was going to have my neice and nephew today so she wanted Makenna as well. Lucky for me and Makenna, she didn't have to come to the store with me today. And, she is having more fun than if she were here.

Two new customers came in today. One customer was this really nice girl from Utah. She has been living here for 7 years now and was so excited to see a scrapbooking store in Hellertown. When she lived in Utah she worked for a scrapbooking store. I was able to see some of her projects and her work is incredible. She makes awesome chipboard albums.

The other woman was from our library. She is just getting into scrapbooking and is very curious about the Cricut machine. She also has friends who scrapbook! I am so excited!

The next best thing is that my uncle had made sweet n sour chicken from scratch....one of my FAVORITES! My mom brought it in for me to eat for dinner tonight....!!! YEAH!

Then, I check my email to have two PartyLite orders!! YEAH! As a surprise the new summer catalog and scents were delivered to my home yesterday. I am so happy today!

My April classes and events are now on my website and I have to say, it went smoother that usual. Working on my website is not something I enjoy. Already have people signing up for these new classes.

Spring is definitely in the air! I am so thankful.

What I am thankful for today:
Summer that follows
My new and repeat customers
The 4000 steps I have taken so far today
Sweet and Sour Chicken
My new stamps!!

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  1. Amy- I had a blast hanging out at the store last night. I am looking forward to all of the classes I have put on your calendar for next month! I'm glad I took part in making you have a Happy Day! I can't wait to get my Partylite order!