Monday, March 16, 2009

The love for my kids

I am sitting here with Makenna watching Playhouse Disney...our usual morning ritual. I am missing that morning coffee since we are out of creamer. However, my hot green tea was pretty darn good. Watching Makenna at my parents house last night made me think about a new phase she has just started. If Jer and I do not tell Makenna who is going to be in a room when she walks into it, she gets very 'shy'. Knowing how I am, I can relate. I do not like being the center of attention when I walk into a room. I am a little better with it now as an adult. If Makenna has a heads up before we get to our destination, she isn't as bad. It is when everyone yells, "Hi Makenna...come here Makenna"....and so on that she wants to crawl into a hole. Of course she eventually gets over it.

Every kid has a phase and thankfully it isn't forever. There are those phases that we never want to end. I never want my kids to stop being as affectionate as they are. I also want them to continue their manners, and the sleep habits that they have now formed. Hopefully these are formed habits that they have learned from Jer and I that they will carry with them throughout their lives. Jer and I are very into trying to form good schedules for our children. As you know with how busy every one's lives are, this is not easy to achieve. At least their bedtimes are the same every night and they get to have a family dinner 3 times a week where we sit and eat together without any interruptions. We also have them participating in household chores. It is never too early to teach kids responsibility. I firmly believe that our children are mini me's. I look at Gavin and Makenna and can pick out each little thing about them that they picked up from me or my husband. If it is something that we do not like, then we alter ourselves so that we do not continue this behavior. Then there are the children that learn a lot from other kids and of course bring it home. We have luckily not encountered much of this...yet.

My kids are my world and have been since the first time I saw the ultrasound pictures. With every movement in my belly, with every look, hug, smile, tear I get grows more and more. If I have to punish my children....which thankfully does not happen often, I feel that it punishes me as well. To be a parent can be so hard at times. But when I look at how patient, caring, affectionate, silly, and all around good, my children makes every moment with them so worth everything. I tell my children that I love them as much as I can. I tell them how much I have enjoyed watching them become who they are and how proud of them I am. Kids need to hear that stuff. I believe it may keep them from seeking out negative attention later on in life. And, it makes them feel good about themselves now.

Today I am thankful for my children
I am thankful for every hug and kiss
for the "I Love You's"
the smiles, laughter and the joy I feel from my children everyday since the day they were born.

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