Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pedometers, Thankfullness and Goosefraba

Well, today was a good day but tonight got even better. Jenny and I have been walking together as much as we can. Tonight we took the kids and the dog. Jenny walked Diego, I pushed Makenna in the stroller and Gavin rode his scooter. It works out well. Jenny and I have been motivating each other to lose weight. Wearing our pedometers every day we compare how many steps we have done. Yesterday and today were big sit down days for both of us. Neither of us made it past 8,000 steps yesterday. I worked all day on my website and hardly got out of my seat. So today Jenny and I were determined to make it past 10,000 steps. When we started walking I was at 5,000+ steps and Jenny was not too far behind. We walked almost all the way down Easton Road to St. Theressa's school to Main Street then back home. Makenna fell asleep which was ok since it was already 9:15 and her bed time is 9:30pm.

Jenny and I got a chance to sit out on my front steps and chat. We both looked at our pedometers to see how far we got. Both of us were a little over 9,000 steps. Her cell phone rang so I decided to take that moment and run up and down the sidewalk. She is trying to have a conversation with her mom but cannot help but to laugh at me. First off, I hate running. So here I am running past her saying..."I hate to run, I hate to run.....wait that is negative...I love to run, I love to run." I made it up to 9,600 by the time she was off the phone. So I sit down and she starts running up and down the side walk. It was soooooo funny. The neighbors probably think we are insane! She stops and was still not as far ahead as I was on her pedometer. So we both started running together. We went up to the cemetery to the end of my block. When we were done, I was at 10,116 steps and she was at 9,600+.

I know that by the time she gets to bed, she will be at her 10,000 steps. I was happy to read my pedometer which read 10,600+ steps right before I got into bed.

What I cannot explain is why I ran when I hate running. Believe it or not, I was not tired, I was not out of breath and I actually didn't mind it. Maybe it was because I was motivated to get to that 10,000 steps. Maybe it is because I had Jenny to motivate me to do it. Maybe it was both. All I know is that I had a lot of fun doing something I used to hate. It is amazing what being around positive people can do to your motivation and your spirit. I love that Jenny and I are working on this together. And, we are looking out for each other. This isn't all about me and I know she doesn't feel that this is all about her. Jenny and I get along so good because we care so much about other people. To us, life isn't what we can get from everyone but rather what we can give to others.

I am proud of myself for being able to open a store that allows women to come in possibly feeling down or angry and have them leaving happy, inspired and in a totally different frame of mind. My entire outlook on having this business is to make it a place where women can come and have fun. I do not care if they spend money, take a class, vent, cry, share their life long as they leave feeling happy. Because I have had numerous women thank me in the last week for making them feel better, I know I am doing my job. It makes me feel wonderful that God gave me the gifts I have and that I can share them with others. I am so thankful for so many things.

To sum up my night....I can totally tell all of those women who are using The Secret. I can tell that they are honestly trying to put it into their everyday life. I am so thankful that they look to me to help them be more positive. And, I am thankful for Jenny who keeps me in check. I am thankful that The Secret has me able to run and enjoy myself while doing it. I am also thankful that I am not feeling like I am going to die after a long walk and then running afterwards. LOL! Lastly I am thankful that I am attracting more people like myself into my store and into my life. People who are giving, thankful, appreciative, fun, silly, and look out for the welfare of others.

A huge thank you to everyone for coming into my store and helping make my dreams come true. And for all those selfish, negative, crabby pants...I have one word for you,,,,,,,,,Goosefraba!

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  1. I want to take the 10,000 step challenge. What is the best pedometer to get? I don't have one.