Monday, May 11, 2009

Your Life is a Mirror of You

A couple of weeks ago I meant to blog about a Daily Teaching that I had read. It was one that I brought up to a friend of mine this past Saturday. Because I remembered about it, I decided to blog about it now. It was something to the affect of: Your life is a mirror of you. Everything that surrounds you is because you have attracted it into your life through your thoughts. If there is negativity, it is because you think negative thoughts. If it is positive, it is because you think positive thoughts.

Now obviously we cannot decide who our family members are but we can decided if we are going to find the good in them or concentrate on the negative qualities they have. Because once again, you cannot change a person. A friend, is one who we attract though the way we are and the way we think. I used to have tons of 'friends' who I used to think, "Why is this person trying to consume my life? or Why are they so negative?" I used to have friends who took advantage of my niceness and willingness to please everyone. The entire time I was friends with these people, I was very negative about myself. I remember feeling lost if I didn't have people who 'needed me'. Not knowing, I was attracting these needy self centered people because of the person I was. My life was a mirror of me. They drained me completely and exhausted me to the point of really not liking myself.

In these days, I come across so many people who love to laugh, are very positive and strong. I seemed to have lost contact with those who are negative and needy. Looking at the people who are now in my life, they are reflections of myself. Now, I like what I see. Changing your thoughts can really make a difference in who we attract into our lives. Take a long hard look at those who surround you, are they reflections of you? And, are you happy with what you see? Are you constantly complaining about the way things go in your life? Or are you satisfied with every new day? It is all the way you think that puts us in the positions we get into or are currently in. Step back, and take a look at your life and start putting everything into perspective. EVERYTHING is brought to us through our power of thought. It is your choice, are you going to start thinking positively or continue to complain and bring more things to complain about into your life?

Today I am thankful for:
everything that is currently in my life which is a reflection of me
my friends
my family
the power of positive thoughts
my strength
my courage
my day off today
dinner with Heather tonight
promoting out to PartyLite Team Leader in June
being down one whole clothing size!
walks with Jenny
a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday

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