Saturday, March 7, 2009

Everyone has a story

Today at my class, it was so nice to have the girls here, working on their project and being able to talk. Hearing everyone talk I realized that everyone in the room had a story. Some were similar and others were very different. I shared a little about my past but not really in depth. I wanted to listen more than talk. It amazes me that we all have a past with lots of negative issues and yet we are able to be as positive as we are. So many people blame their crappy lives on their past. Us girls could have all taken the bad experiences and sulked for the rest of our lives, but none of us have. Each one of us, some still have negativity all around us, are able to overcome all of it and move on. It makes me sad to see people who are very stuck in their past. Then I have to think positive and hope that they make choices that change their life and stop blaming everything around them or blaming their past. Yes, the past can be the reason we are the way we are or believe some of the things we believe......but everything changes. And everything within ourselves changes if we let it. We have to have an open mind and be willing to change how we feel and what we believe.

My life story is not far from the person sitting accross from me, however we may deal with it in a completely different way. Today I pray for all the people who have sick family members, have had to deal with death, for those who are in the throws of divorce, and those who seem to always be surrounded by negativity. I pray that my store can be a place for women to come and express their deepest feelings, cry, laugh, and continue down a positve path.....despite all they may be dealing with. I pray that we can grow this circle of support to reach out to others who may need positive influences in their lives. I pray that if there were ever a time that I am in need, that this circle of wonderful people will help support me as well. May each person be as positive as possible since you never know who is sitting accross from you. They may need a smile, a laugh or a hug. We never know what someone may really be going through. I try so hard not to judge people and keep in mind that we all have a story.

Tonight I am thankful for:
My scrappers
Positive influences
Life's lessons
my friends
my dreams coming true

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  1. I had so much fun yesterday. Thanks so much for all the inspiration. I too realized everyone has a story and I am so thankful for everyone who listened to mine. I tell ya between scrappin, stampin and just talking about things, I feel so much better today. I truly feel when you talk about some things and think them out, you can get through those tough times. I am so glad... that not really knowing me or knowing all of the girls there today we did open up and tell our story. Thanks again Amy!