Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I feel pretty!

The other day at Kohl's with two of my friends, we were discussing The Secret. All three of us have read the book. Now we all know, us women that is, that trying on clothes is never fun when you are unhappy with your weight. So, I decided to walk around the store singing......"I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and GAY!" Before I knew it Rita was chiming in. In no time, we found a new outfit for Jenny to wear to work the next day in which she received a lot of compliments on! We wanted to turn this not so happy situation, into something fun and positive. From now on, I will sing that song when I get on a pair of pants that decide not to button or that have seemed to shrink A LOT! We need to be thankful for the body we have and ask the universe for a better one if we wish to be thinner, less wrinkled, or whatever. While we are waiting for our "new image" we need to think positive thoughts. Singing something silly took our minds off of the uncomfortableness of trying on clothes and not finding the right sizes. Try doing something funny when you are in this situation and feel how much better it makes you feel inside. And, if you ever hear someone in the store singing, "I feel pretty" is probably just me.

If you have seen the movie Anger Management, it makes singing this song
that much funnier. I highly suggest renting that movie if you are ever
in a bad mood.

At my store today I came up with an idea. Since my blogs, my poetry, positive emails and positive attitude seem to be flocking people my way, I have decided to have a special class at my store. For all of those who need help acquiring their dreams, I am hosting a class called Visualizing Your Dreams by Creating a Visual Board. This will be a 12x12 scrapbook page that will be in a frame for you to hang in your home or office. However, coming up with the pictures will be a task that you have to be willing to undertake. And, you will need them with you for the class. My visual board is hanging in the store. After researching online today I have been able to print out pictures of my dream car. my dream house, my dream pets, my dream Inn. Don't get me wrong, a 12x12 scrapbook page is not large enough to put everything I dream about on it. So, I went with the bigger things. The other things, I actually just wrote down. What this will do will help me to see all that I want in the future, feel how I would feel if I had these things now, and achieve them.

Funny thing is that I had a 'visual board' on my fridge 2 years ago. It had a picture of a dog, Disney World, a dream house, a dream car and an in ground pool. Without realizing it, I achieved my trip to Disney World and getting a dog, effortlessly in one year. And, this is after my husband insisted that we were not getting a dog nor would we have money for Disney. Did that make me give! Think about it, if we did not have dreams and goals, we would never have anything to look forward to! Besides life to me would be boring.

In my research of how The Secret works, I did realize that all of my 'don't wants' happened. When my husband and I were looking for a house I really didn't express what I wanted. I was much more focused on what I didn't want. I didn't want to live in town, I didn't want a small yard and I really really didn't want a twin. Guess what....I live in town, I hardly have a back yard and yes, it is a twin. Hmmmm, it is true that the universe only hears the word want. All of those don't wants, to the universe were actually wants. I had to learn the hard way. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate my home and the perks that it comes with. I have wonderful neighbors, I love that I can walk the kids to school....and work and that I have a big enough yard to have my gardens. However, my future home will be in the country with much bigger gardens and peacefulness that I do not have here at my current residence. I want to sit outside where it is quiet and admire my gardens and the sunset. I want my children to run around outside without worrying about the street. I want a pool that I can swim in naked if I want because my neighbors will be too far away to see me....LOL! Did you see what I am typing......all wants. I am going to eliminate don't from my vocabulary. You should consider that!

What I am thankful for today:
The gift of writing
My home
The use of Visual Boards
Funny movies
My dream car
My dream pets (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Belle and a Great Pyrenees...unsure of a name at this moment)
My dream house
Makenna being fully potty trianed!
The Secret

Remember when you are in that dressing room.......I feel pretty.....oh so pretty.....I feel pretty and witty and GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!


  1. Hope you achieve all your goals! I can't make the class, but I can't wait to make my own visual board!~ Maryann

  2. great idea about the visual board Amy! And I read all you stuff you wrote here! WOW! I dont even know what to say! But THANKS!!!! Thanks for your kind words, for being there for me to lean on and ball my eyes out with, for your advice, you support and wisdom You are truely an awesome friend Amy THanks!
    I Love ya

  3. I have a blog! It's not much but it is a start, I will play around with it tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration to get me started!

  4. Ah, so very thought provoking! It makes me realize that it's been a very long time since I really gave thought to what it is *I* want. I will definately have to think on that a bit-thanks for being the catalyst! Blessings ~