Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank You

Tonight I could complain of my sore throat, low-grade fever, and major fatigue....but I am not. Besides, I nipped it in the bud and went to the doc right away. Thanks to my mom who was able and willing to keep an eye on the store, I was able go. These are the times that I think, how lucky I am to have family close by and willing to help out when needed? Not many people are as lucky to be able to have such wonderful parents. So, instead of complaining I am going to be thankful....thank God for doctors, medicine, and that I am not feeling as bad as someone worse off than me.

Speaking of being thankful......
There were times in the past that I had to move back home, get a hand me down car, and start all over. Those times were very tough on me. Not because I was moving back home but because of the reason I had to move. Not because I had to drive a car that I really didn't care for, but because I had to get rid of the one I loved. Every time I felt that I was on my way to feeling complete, something happened that took me back to having to start all over. It really makes one appreciate what they do have and the ones who stood by your side the entire time.

What I am thankful for today....

I am thankful for all the times my friends gave me a ride, let me stay with them, let me cry on their shoulder, gave me money when I was broke, loved Gavin as if he were their own child, loved me even when I hated myself.

I am thankful for all the wonderful things my parents did to help me raise my son. I am thankful that they allowed me to come back home, gave me a roof over my head, a car to drive, food, money, and respected me as a mother. They not only took me under their roof, but my son and my pets. It just shows you that parents will do anything to help out their child when their child is in any age. I could never in words express how grateful I am for what they did.

Because of these wonderful people in my life, I am where I am today. I am thankful for what I have. My car is not my dream car, my house is not my dream house, and I really could use a new least I have a car, a home and clothes to wear....these are all material anyway. What matters most to me is the happiness and health of my children, the moments we get to share together and with our family. What makes me happy is to give to someone else, even if it is only a smile to brighten their day. I have my parents to thank for that.

I hope that my children grow up to be giving, respectful and caring of others. If I can achieve that than I have done my job. I want them to know that life is not about the things we can buy, but the things we can give to others. Life is not about us, it is about what we can do to make other people's lives better. I feel that those who only ever think of themselves are the ones who end up alone....just what I have seen through out the years. I want my children to feel as loved, appreciated, and full-filled as I do thanks to all of my friends and family. I know that because of all the wonderful people in my life, that I can achieve anything and I will never be alone. I thank God for everyone who is in my life.

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