Thursday, January 15, 2009

How much I adore my kids....

I am not sure if it is because Valentine's Day is coming up or what, but I am sitting here admiring my daughter and I cannot help but to think how much I adore her. We are on our third round of watching the movie Jimmy Neutron, playing Legos and snacking. Her facial expressions and her actions are just so cute. Maybe it is her hair style today. She wanted two buns in her hair, for the first time ever. God she looks adorable. As I sat here with her, I just kept thinking of all the reasons I adore her so much. I have narrowed it down to 10 because there are just too many to mention.

10.} I adore the way she talks, her politeness and manners.

9,} The way she lights up and dances when she hears music or sees dancing and figure skating on TV.

8.} The way she shrugs her shoulders and smiles when she sees an animal of any kind.
7.} Because she is so concerned when someone doesn't feel well and she tries to take care of them. And, she does not like to see someone upset at all.
6.} Because she tries to help me fill and empty the dish washer, fold the laundry, vacuum and dust.

5.} I adore the way she looks at nature. Her smile when she sees a flower, she jumps up and down when she sees a sunset and yells with laughter when she sees and hears the geese in the sky.
4.}I adore the fact that she is always cleaning up litter. It doesn't matter where we are, she is already concerned about keeping the earth
3.} I adore the compassion she has for her brother. And all the affection and excitement she shows him.

2.} I adore the fact that she will just wrap her little arms around me and squeeze! She is very affectionate.
1.}When she says, "Mommy, I just love you soooooooo much!"

When it comes to my son, I am so proud of the child he has become. With all that he has had to deal with in his little life, he really turn out to be a good kid. Here are 10 reasons I adore him so much.

10.} His love for books, playing games with us, his love for the pool, and any moment that he can share with family.

9.} I adore his compassion for his sister and his willingness to help her with anything she needs.

8.} I adore his silliness and his effort in trying to make everyone around him laugh.

7.} Because he tries so hard to make everyone happy.
6.} Because he is already concerned about the welfare of others and the fact that not everyone is as lucky as he is.

5.}I adore his excitement when he gets to go shopping with his Grammy.

4.} His compassion for animals and children.
3.} That simple things make him happy.
2.} I adore his hugs and kisses and the fact that he is very affectionate. It is so funny when he says, "You're the best mom ever!"
1.} He never leaves or goes to bed without saying he loves me.

Now those are reasons to make someone grateful. My kids are my world, I only hope that they know that.

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