Friday, January 30, 2009


So I got home tonight and received some sad news from my mom. My Grandfather and Aunts cat died today. She was 18 years old. No matter how old a pet is, it is still very sad when they pass away. Most people with pets feel as though they are a major part of the family. For some, pets are their children. I have always been one to think of my pets as children. We call them Furbabies.

Every night when I go to bed my cat Chloe lays on my chest. Now you must know that this is the cat that goes to nobody but me. They say that cats choose a person for them. Well, she has definitely picked me.

When she was only a kitten she always slept on my hair. When she could not get to my hair, she would cry and follow me looking for a way up. If I bent over far enough she would jump on my back. Chloe would then start to march and wrap my hair around her nose. Before I knew it, she would be cleaning my hair. Now once at a vet appointment, she started to do this. The vet looked at me and said, "She thinks you are her mommy." My question is, "How long will she do this?" His response was, that she would grow out of it.

It is now 11 years later and she still cleans my hair. It is not that often anymore, not that I minded. Actually I was honored that Chloe thought of me like that. I am more than 'her person' I am her mother.

Even though it bothers me a little, I can understand why people think she is a snob. She is a one person cat and I can respect that when I meet other cats that are the same. Some call her a princess or Queen, which she is. To me she is my monkey. I have called her that since she was a kitten because of the noises she makes. Chloe is also a talker. If I ask her if she loves me, she will answer with squinted eyes and a little smile. Of course she is answering, "yes!" I can read her mind to the point of it being scary. I also have taken the time to get to know her. There are some people who just do not take the time to even care for their pets. This makes me wonder why they even have them in the first place. I get so much joy and affection from my pets that they brighten any crappy day. Pets do not care if we get out of our pajamas, they don't care what we look like, they don't care if we have coffee breath....they love us no matter what. People are not like that. People are very judgmental and materialistic. Who would not want unconditional love from such beautiful creatures that God has created? Ya think maybe it's those crabby pants that do not have much love for themselves? That is what I think but it is just my opinion.

Below is a little poem I wrote for my Chloe. I will pray tonight for the saddness to be lifted from my Aunt and my Grandfather who lost their Furbaby today. And I will be even more grateful for the time I have with mine.

Your voice fills the air when I enter the house.
Telling me of your day sleeping and playing with your mouse.
You 'happy feet' my bellybefore laying on my lap,
and because I am so ticklish all I can do is laugh.
I watch you chasing squirrels and leaves outside,
which one you want first, you cannot decide.
Besides Chloe, we may call you
monkey, princess kitty or even spunky.
From the sink you want fresh water,
and you need your special kind of food,
And if these things are not available,
you get into a 'talk to the paw'kind of mood.
You are a bathing beauty
a true princess to the end,
but you are also my very best furry friend.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandfather & Aunts cat. I'll keep them in my prayers. I'm thinking of my Nana's cat, Casper-he was older than me, so he was always there as I grew up. He, too, lived to 18! What a fine, long life for a special kitty.
    Thanks for the insight as to why our kitty, Buddy, likes to comb my hair with his claws and lick (clean) it! I never thought about it like that-I just thought my long hair annoyed him so he had to fuss with it, lol.
    What a beautiful poem for your sweet Chloe! "Talk to the paw" mood, too funny!