Saturday, October 8, 2011

It has been a long time...

It is after 11pm and I am exhausted. However, I have been receiving signs that I am supposed to write. has been well over a month since I have taken the time. There is just sooooo much I want to do. Meditation has become a part of my nightly routine, when that used to be my blogging time. Maybe if I can cut this short, I will still be awake enough to meditate. Let's hope.

A couple nights ago during meditation, I saw my very first angel. It was a small figure because it looked far away. It was surrounded with this amazing gold light. I felt this sense of calmness and warmth that surrounded my body. It was wonderful. I have been reading books, working with crystals, meditating and conversing with my friend who is a medium to start this new journey of my life. However, I was told that it will come as it is supposed too. I cannot rush the Universe. Again, I hear that word patience, knowing that this was the best year for me to pick it.

My angel visit was so exciting. Robin blessed me with one of the best gifts anyone could ever receive. God does bring in the people in your life that you need to grow. I cannot wait for my 3 people to receive their angels. Loving how this is being passed around to spread as much light and love to the world.

I am working on a new blog. It will be the blog I use strictly for my angel visits, signs from spirits, etc. I have decided to put it on hold until I have more time and more experience using my intuition. I can honestly say that I now know when I am using my free will rather than following my intuition. With the angels help, they continue to steer me in the right direction....even when I try to resist.

I am going to meditate now. I will try to write more since the signs are leading me here. I do enjoy every minute I get to express myself through writing. Now to fit it in...

What I am thankful for today:
the amazing day at the fundraiser today
Sally scheduling a class!
Being connected to 'yellow' people
A day of craftiness with Jennifer G tomorrow
my family
my pets
my friends
the sunshine
my Halloween excited to give those out!
the preschool
my intuition
my health
the health of my loved ones
my life

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