Sunday, November 29, 2009

After the Fire

After the Fire by Amy Grant

After the fire is over
After the ashes cool
After the smoke has blown away
I will be here for you

After the stillness finds you
After the winds of change
All that is good and true between us
This will remain the same

We turn the page of life
It comes at quite a price

(Repeat chorus)

After your time of wand'ring
Along this lonely road
There will be many voices calling
Mine will say, "Welcome home"

We turn the page of life
It comes at quite a price

(Repeat chorus)

I will be here for you

Another great Amy Grant tune reminding us that God is there for us, always. Last night at church was Advent Adventure. It was a great way for Gavin and Makenna to learn about advent and the celebration of the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. We all made blue deserts and ate hot dogs and mac and cheese. Jen and her 3 boys came with us. We created 4 advent candles using tissue paper and glass votive cups. It was a lot of fun. Today at church Pastor Tricia welcomed our family into the congregation. Everyone was so sweet and so friendly. I cannot believe how many people came up to us and thanked us for being there. We enjoyed coffee hour which followed the service. It was nice to get to meet so many friendly people who embraced us with open hearts and open arms. Jeremy and I are very blessed to have found this awesome church family and to be able to introduce religion to our children.

What I am thankful for today:
That God takes care of everything we need....if we let him.
A great time last night at the church
a wonderful service this morning
new customers who attended my class today and signed up for another one.
Rachel, thank you for your email today....I love you!
Jen and her boys
my peaceful spirit
my children, I am so thankful for all the compliments they received on their behavior this morning.
my store
my family
my friends
Christmas music
Amy Grant
time alone

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